Influence in pair — find out, how things are with You

I want to tell you one polyprotective methodology to determine the impact of the pair. That is, who in the pair has more influence on the other and, most likely, the preponderance of importance.

The technique is made based on the game TIC-TAC-toe.

Please note, polyprotective the method is not diagnostic, it is rather an occasion to reflect, therefore, having received negative result, I advise you not to bother. Sometimes these simple methods do not work. Therefore to treat it better as a game.

So, TIC-TAC-toe. It is necessary to fill in just such a box.

The cross should be placed in those cells where your advantage over the partner (partner) obviously, a toe there, where obviously his (its) advantage (because for you it will be zero). Further, as in the game can match icons or diagonal, or one of the sides of a square, and depending on that match, it will be possible to draw a conclusion.

For example, you may be one of these options:

Or other.

If it was typed in a row of three cross – your influence is more than the partner, if the three zeros less. If you do not match any one line, no one benefits no. At the numbers of issues do not need to pay attention, they do not correspond to any numbers of resources or some other numerology, the questions are simply numbered in order.

If any question very difficult to answer, maybe this place has some blind spot: drop this subject out of focus or some kind of illusion. If something exactly the same in a partner and you choose, who is still at least a little bit better or just put a cross (make yourself nice).

Shall we?

1. Friends. Put a cross if you have more friends, they better love you more, spend time with them, you more interesting than all of this — from the partner. Conversely, a zero if friends partner more or are they more important for him (everything has a value: quantity, quality, mutual interest is the case in General and, of course, subjective, because it is a projective technique).

2. Work. Check the box below if you 1)earn more 2)have a more prestigious job or a more prestigious post 2)like my job. And Vice versa – toe if all of this is more pronounced in partner. Have the value of all three measurements, the complex and average.

3.Altruism. Check the box below if you 1)like people, 2)more willing to help people 3)happy to make new connections. And Vice versa.

4. Appearance. Check the box below if you 1)more beautiful and well maintained 2)best dressed 3)more charming. Of course, consider the relative characteristics for the genders. That is, if your partner is among men much more attractive to you as women among women, even more often you wash your hair and clothes you have more than him.

5. This paragraph miss.

6. The love experience. Check the box below if you 1)more often than he stopped a previous relationship on their own 2)your partner was more attractive and successful than his partner (partners) 3)the relationship was generally more successful than him. And zero, if on the contrary.

7. Hobbies. Check the box below if you 1)have more interests and Hobbies or are they deeper 2)your wider horizons and erudition of the better 3)faster you are able to find yourself and other classes. And zero, if on the contrary.

8. Family. Put a cross if you have 1)more friendly and loving family 2)you get more material and(or) emotional support from family 3)you have your own living space, my partner is not. Again, we have the value of all three items, in the aggregate, or by the explicit advantage of one. One distinct advantage on one item is balanced by a clear advantage partner another, important approximate average.

9. HLS. Check the box below if you 1)are more mobile and active lifestyle 2) are more attracted to physical improvement 3)more vigorous man, in principle. And Vice versa.

Now fill in the box number 5, in the middle.

Put a cross if your partner (partner) is more interested in relationships at the moment. For example, it would be interesting to see the result of this test or another test, the objectivity of which he would be sure. So you have to choose (subjectively, of course) which is more important to understand the current situation in your pair. If you put in the center of zero if the partner is the cross.

If match three crosses (two times three) – you have more influence in your team and probably your importance for the partner higher than his for you, if you get three toe – on the contrary. If not matched, nothing, special benefits no one. published



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