Enjoying Nakadai. Part 2

Ninety one million eight hundred fifty five thousand three hundred forty five

In continuation of the article Enjoying — Naslady part 1

Day 3rd.

Plane over the Yucatan. Playa del Carmen (a popular resort in Mexico on the Atlantic coast)

It turns out, to Orient yourself, it is best to look around from the top. To rise above the Ground and low-flying than the actual historical rumors, engaged witches and yogis, and then the air force.

Dasha – Muscovite and local tour operator, became our guide in the upper world.

The airplane was the size of a car. He easily rose above the road than surprised by passing cars and making a circle to lay in a course along the surf. The pilot kindly offered me the wheel, and I'm carefully watching how delayed this iron bird gives in to the tacks and turns to the sun, the left, the right wing.

Below us flew Lacy edges of the waves that have divided blue deep green shallows long ribbons of foam. Smoothly turned us to his side hotels and stared at the sky for its pools, which were needed, probably one to the Americans. In the depths of the Yucatan Peninsula is all covered with ever-green impenetrable jungle and mangroves. Along the banks of the cleanest rivers running to the big water, to shake itself from the crocodiles and merging into the ocean, becoming a large salt water infinity to celebrate their liberation from the coast.

Flying over the Mayan pyramids, I admired the climatic comfort of the grace of the local sites and engineering designs of the Indians — their Astronomically-calibrated Mathematical correct proportions. I could almost see them "square" thoughts on the interaction of the polarity of Life and Death, Matter and spirit. The rest of the flight I tried to find an explanation — how it happened that the Indian land opened themselves to the invaders and lost of white religious fanatics, adventurers and convicts, sacrificing the well-being of the indigenous people. This is the land took on other people's concepts and other meanings. What kind of evolutionary forces dominate. What human qualities arise in this experiment in the fusion of cultures in the laboratory of life on the American continents. And where to watch the egregore soluble in the spirit World people: about their existence and about what and for what happened to their disappearance.

Six million four hundred ninety five thousand two hundred ninety three

I admire, and again, like the first time, as if only now found that people are already flying! And captures the spirit of belonging to the restlessness of the man who once scored the fact that "people can't fly" and rushed to settle in the sky. This clearly could only come up with do not end up educated and educated person — because it's the audacity to ignore the recognized information, to not care about the opinion of most "educated" and follow your own vision and feeling, without being distracted by doubts, without hope hard and carefully to make your life in the direction of a Person Flying.

See the day is not about the "dream" even. It's about the vision. The difference is that often the concept of "dream" people have implied that they saw someone: it could be about money; family; house or something, that somewhere out there on earth has already taken place – just imagine, ALAS, not you! The dream is about vision. It is a collage of cuts from magazines patchwork of other people's ideas about how it happens.


A vision is something — up – that is, not was – this ever, and suddenly it is a vision and speaks to the author of Vision: Master, I want to come! That's the difference. Much few people are able to See, and even fewer of those who are Visible can make. A lot of dreaming and a good thing too — because, worse, only those who do not even dream.

Giving the helm to the pilot, every time I heard "thank you" and each time wondered: for what? For that we "accidentally" did that? By the way, when boarding the plane, no one was handing out parachutes and are not instructed what to do in case of an incident in the air, and that means in the language of "my symbolic picture of the world" – problems are foreseen. In the language of the "normal" person this would mean the neglect of safety and irresponsible attitude to the passengers. Although there can be other reasons, but we need them "irresponsible" nobody explained, and we are "irresponsible" are not asked.

Like someone in this world might know something or to anticipate for sure. In this World with a 100% fatal and 100% insured? Because none of your friends from this life are still alive, not out, although the rumours that is…

So what is responsibility? And as it is understood by those that word hard use?

You may want to participate in missions childbirth, climbs, or dives. You want to prepare or not to prepare for extreme events in the way. This means you want to participate in them, and also note that without a 100% guarantee of security, as the danger is highly variable. Can be prepared and account for some force majeure, and to unplanned incidents. And you can not prepared, and this report reluctance in them in the incident to participate. You have a choice, you can not participate in the crisis in the elections – here it's neither about how, and about what is good to Realize that you choose. The notorious responsibility is divided, usually between three forces: the instigator, the participant and the God of their ilk. A different understanding of responsibility — a gamble of power and knowledge.

After a soft and beautiful landing I was on solid ground and wanted to devote time to their own bodily contact with gravity in the "Rope". I brought four ropes, which before morning was hung on the Mexican "oak" (forgive me tropical flora for not knowing her plants). With undisguised pleasure I get physical impressions for your body to cope with emotions derived from the flight over the Riviera Maya. And after the warm embrace of the ocean away “to the son of death and brother of night" to the midday sleep, as his native Ukraine was already late at night.

Twenty three million four hundred eighty thousand seven hundred forty three

Waking up in the Mexican dusk, we together with Dasha, romantic elegant brunette who grew up in Moscow, and lived for several years in South-East Asia, and now living in Mexico and involved in the organization of individual tours and Timotheus, professional extreme traveler, without an emotional intellectual who grew up in one of the secret cities of the USSR got in the van and went to the first in my life cenote*.

Note: Cenotes (Spanish cenote, "cenote") is the natural gaps formed by the breaking of the vaults of limestone caves, in which the flow of groundwater. Cenotes are to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and nearby Caribbean Islands. In the past was used by the ancient Mayans as water sources and places for sacrifices.


Forty seven million two hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred twenty four

The path to the cenote SAC Aktun ran through a jungle. Cenote SAC Aktun has a maximum depth of about 14 m with a constant water temperature of 24°C. for the First time this place was discovered very recently, only in 1988. Cave, Cenote SAC Aktun has thousands of posts of different thicknesses, from thick, fist-to-thin hair. The number of underpasses surveyed at the moment, there are about 5,000 passes.

Descending by a ladder in a vertical cave knotty tropical forest at night, the conductor suggested to close my eyes. And when I opened them after a loud click of the switch, I found that and found myself in a natural Palace of indescribable beauty stretching into the sides and bottom palisade of gleaming white stalactites and stalagmites. They were reflected in the blue water of an underground river, with columns and pools. Then we together with Dasha and man — let's call it just “gin”, swam, wearing masks and snorkels, sometimes bending down under the stalactites, looking around the room with flashlights, and again bending down under the low cave roof.

Thirty eight million two hundred twenty three thousand three hundred twenty four

We floated in the newly opened halls, from time to time above us was opened to the clearing of the sky and round the moon winked at us through okoem cenote, looking up at the sky. The mystical light of the full moon created shimmering walkways on the water. In these places, shamans carry out rituals of purification and rebirth, considering according to legend, this river is the River of the Dead and the bridge to the spirit world. The water was so clean and noticeably healing, and to wash it off yourself is not wanted until the next morning.

Day 4th.

In the morning when removing the ropes I beautifully fell on the soft sand of the Mexican “oak”. Holding tomasica bitch, I allowed for a fairy-tale Genie and save my valuable equipment. Two gray squirrels frolicked in the branches, not paying people any attention, and indeed the gardener, who carefully combed the sand with a rake, leaving the smooth grooves as in a Zen garden. Only an hour after awakening a good drop, I found that the strap from my beloved new watch, the clasp disappeared. And they kept magically hold on me. After searching the bathroom and not finding small circuits, I was really surprised. Because since my childhood I have sidhai to find the "needle in a haystack", no matter how tiddly was not the item that fell on the floor, in the grass or sand, I invariably find. At the same time she never ceases to amaze me how I get it.A taxi was already waiting and we had to hurry. Realizing that at the time the search there, and a watch band to change I don't want, I abruptly remembered his fall. And with rapid steps went to the tree, and just as he leaned over, immediately lifted the clasp from his watch. Finding it at once, neatly combed gardener the sand continued to be surprised already in the car, inserting the mount into place. The probability to find miniature detail under the majestic tree, not much higher than in Moscow to meet a dinosaur. From the old joke about the logic of male and female.

Anecdote: mathematics interviewed on probability theory:

—What are the odds in Moscow to meet a dinosaur?

—Negligible – is the nth digit after the decimal point.

The same question was asked to the wife math:

—Well, like what? 50/50 of course.

   As it? Surprised the reporter.

Or appointment or no – answers the blonde.


Next stop was in Tulum. We stayed in the hotel near the water. It was a hotel with a very cozy atmosphere, where the rooms had their own names. The room in which I found myself was called "Hel-Ha", which means language spoken by the Maya as the "underground river". It is in the underground river, we went to dive with diving equipment.

Seventy two million seven hundred ninety three thousand one hundred ninety nine

After 100 meters from the place of meeting with the first cave, we were in another part of the same underground river that passes under the ground almost the entire Yucatan Peninsula with a web of labyrinths of unearthly beauty. Cenote DOS Ojos, (“Two Eyes”), this is located in few kilometers from the town of Tulum and our hotel. This is one of the most visited cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula. Dive in this cenote has gained unprecedented popularity, became iconic after the release in 2001 of a documentary film "Journey to Amazing caves", the underwater part of which was filmed in the DOS Ojos.

Fourteen million two hundred eighty three thousand nine hundred eighty

I was convinced that for sure — fresh water requires less loads on the belt of the diver than the sea. Before senyavina we usually had to walk fully equipped with a tank on his back and fins in hand. The weight of the equipment on my body pleasantly reminded of mountain climbing. Great people in black leotards with scuba diving, marching under the midday sun, tracery Peeps through the vines, highly vitellis from the landscape of the rainforest.

The guide comes with a spark (two cylinders back in the event of force majeure on the depth of the second cylinder can pull another person in case you run out of air or faulty equipment). In the hand the guide a small lantern, which, however, shines like a big spotlight, and behind he had fastened the battery the size of a lens serious photo camera. Our guide (the diver with 45 years of experience, a retired submariner of the Royal Navy) provides training to all rules of military Affairs: first briefing – briefing on the route map indicating the depths and turning points, then the inspection of the scene of the descent into the water, and after that we go back to the jeep, dress goods, gear, and stomp with the cylinders on the back and fins in hand through the rainforest to the place of descent ready for adventure

The beauty of the cenote called “TWO EYES” (DOS OJOS) in a network of labyrinths, and suddenly opening the sources of light give a natural illumination of the midday sun. It appears rare in the open hatches of the ceiling of the cave from descending lianas and climbing plants competing with stalactites of his seeking in water flexible beauty of living life.

Twenty million three hundred ninety three thousand three hundred ninety eight

A surprising phenomenon appears before the divers where a solid ceiling: Silver lakes convex bubbles of air drilling into the ceiling in the light of the lantern glowing luster of the mercury play iridescence. Definitely want to touch them, to make sure that it is not molten metal breathes in time with the strokes of the fins, namely the air – free on the property and were restricted in an unprecedented space for him.

I at first only a casual could enjoy the beauty because the main attention was focused on how to save the horizontal buoyancy and the distance between them and slowly drifting guide. But in very narrow places to pass closer to the bottom so as not to touch the stalactites equipment, or Vice versa don't get stuck in narrow passages, so as to attract the attention of the guide I could only filing a certain signal with a flashlight, and his guide, I think you could see just by being in close proximity to me. In the second dive in this cenote, we went for a more deep passing route. By this point I finally relaxed, well lost the mask and once again was struck by the delicate beauty of the underwater cave world existing on our planet. My enthusiastic and excited eye was "firing" the dry leaves in the jungle, about what I said.  published 

To be continued.…

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