15 super-popular myths, it's time to say goodbye

In the modern world goes so many different myths that don't know what to believe. But the most popular scientific statements actually are false.

The website encourages the reader to stop believing in myths, a long time wandering around the Internet and supposedly are the truth.

Man uses his brain only 10% is a myth With the help of magnetic resonance imaging, scientists were able to see that the main part of the cortex of the human brain vigorously and continuously working throughout the entire time, even during sleep.

In space there is no gravity is a myth, In reality there is even gravity in outer space, and the force of gravity acts equally on any object in orbit. So the astronauts feel weightless because every second down with the spaceship on earth, only they fall in a vertical plane and the horizontal.

If you throw a coin from a skyscraper, can kill a person — the myth of the Murder in this way is impossible because of the aerodynamics of the falling coins. Due to the large resistance of the air and the strong wind affecting the flight of the coin, the coin can't get enough speed and strength to kill anyone.

In the Northern hemisphere water flowing into funnel drain in a different direction than the South — it is a myth the Speed of rotation of our planet in no way affects the direction of rotation of water funnels even in the smallest sink. In fact, the direction of rotation of the water is conditioned only by features of "relief".

Snack bun with poppy seeds, you can fill up the test for the presence of drugs is almost true Concentration of opiates in poppy pastry so insignificant that has no intoxicating effect. However, just two buns with poppy filling will create in the blood a concentration of the drug that the test for opiates in most cases will be positive.

In adult humans stop growing brain cells is a myth of Course, major changes and growth of brain cells is done in childhood and adolescence, but their division does not end with age. Research conducted in this area showed that neurons multiply and change throughout a person's life.

Lightning never strikes the same place twice is a myth Lightning can hit in the same place regularly. For example, in new York's Empire State Building lightning hit on average twenty five times a year. And because the zipper have their "favorite places", it is not necessary to take refuge from the storm under a tree where he was struck by lightning. With high probability it will get there again.

Chicken broth can get rid of cold — not quite a myth of Course, one chicken broth can't cope with SARS and ARI, you need to take medication. But the broth has nutrients, which have good anti-inflammatory properties that help to minimize the spread of the virus.

If a person will quickly run in the rain, he's far less wet is the truth, This statement was proved mathematically. If a man runs in the rain, it will wet only the front of his clothes and hair and the back will remain almost dry. If you just go slowly it gets wet it's head, which can lead to hypothermia.

Animals can sense disaster is more myth than truth in domestic animals there is no proverbial "sixth sense" that allows them to feel the impending danger. Animals run reflexes and non-human hearing, vision and smell. They help them to notice a change in the weather and get to a safe place only when the element is already raging out of control.

"Five second rule" is a myth, Scientists have proved that the piece of food falling on the floor, at the first contact with the surface collects the same bacteria as the piece that had lain on the floor for a while.

The great wall of China seen from space is a myth of Course, a large structure can be seen from space, but only from low orbit. The same pyramids in Egypt or the major airports are perfectly visible from low earth orbit. But even speech can not be that the astronauts could see the Great wall of China, beyond the limit of Earth's atmosphere and not knowing exactly where it is located relative to them.

The seasons change because of a change in the distance of the Earth from the Sun is a myth, the Change of the distance from the earth to the Sun has no effect on the earth's temperature. On Earth the change of seasons is a result of changing the angle of inclination of the axis of our planets in relation to the Sun.

Swallowed gum seven years to digest is a myth of the Human stomach is able to digest the gum, just that it will take more time than the digestion of organic food. Surely, this myth has appeared thanks to the parents who wish to teach their children to swallow chewing gum.

A hen can live for some time without a head — the truth Often when cutting off the head of chicken is a sufficient part of the stem of the brain responsible for reflexes, so she could run for a few minutes. There are cases when one cock without a head lived for a little less than two years.

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