Ten unusual facts, the retelling of which will help you stand out in the company

Sixty four million two hundred sixty thousand six hundred forty seven

Fifty one million seven hundred thirty one thousand two hundred ninety five

If the person is ticklish bird feather, that he suffers from pteronophobia.

The largest silver coin weighing one kilo and six hundred grams and was made in 1725.

Nine million thirty one thousand three hundred ninety five

The production of certain types of glue, paint and plastic use cow's milk.

John Lennon wrote the song "I am the walrus", inspired by the sounds of a police siren on the street.

Twenty three million eight hundred seventy thousand five hundred twenty five

In fact, the anteaters did not feed on ants and termites.

Actress Sarah Bernhardt played Juliet in seventy years. Recall that the heroine of Shakespeare was only thirteen.

Seventy two million seventy seven thousand five hundred sixty six

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