Why suffer from gluten and fat — learn the truth!


The talk and speculation about the dangers of gluten (a wheat protein) being a long time... the First time we present the material written by doctors, with links to real research — and thus accessible to every language.
The world is changing and many products are not the same... to know what the destructive work of making the gluten present in our body now is important to everyone.

As flour and gluten trigger mechanisms of weight gain, the development of prediabetic States, the diabetes, etc.
Modern flour may look the same as traditional but three factors significantly distinguish it: the way she provokes obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, senile dementia, etc.

modern flour contains a "super starch" amylopectin, he provokes more weight gain

modern flour contains "super gluten" that has an extremely high ability to provoke quiet constant inflammation

modern flour has a powerful narcotic effect, powerful addictive and the constant desire to eat more, get more taste.


The Bible says: "our daily Bread give us this day". Eating bread is almost a religious setting, but the biblical flour of our ancestors is an entirely different matter, we've never eat.

Instead, we eat a product that has passed many stages of genetic manipulation, hybridization, breeding. Product derived from plants, giving much more and more changed, tremendously more stable grain... Modern wheat gives a much more starchy and rich gluten-free grain, and the gluten in modern wheat is different in structure of chromosomes, including a different new, not existed before proteins. The person who developed the new wheat, received the "Nobel" — the wheat promised to feed millions of hungry in the world... and She fed... but did the starving fat, brought disease.

First and foremost, the fact that this new wheat contains a large number of "super starch" called amylopectin A. it's always soft sliced loaves for sandwiches and delicate scones. The reverse side is that only two contemporary piece of whole wheat bread raise blood sugar level as well as two heaped tablespoons of table sugar!

There is no difference between whole grain bread and bread from flour of first grade... In this regard, such propaganda is a huge fraud, the biggest marketing Scam: whole grains in products with high content of sugar and wheat do not give these products no special qualities. It is better to avoid such products altogether, Yes, those whose packing is so often claimed that this is a healthy, useful, whole product (*including Breakfast cereals and all foods with wheat gluten)! As a rule, this hides something.

Diabetics and white flour and whole wheat raises the blood sugar level about the same, to dangerous levels. We know that foods with a high glycemic index (GI) trigger a set of fat on your stomach, provoke the development of latent quiet inflammation in the body lead to fatty liver, which, in turn, leads to a cascade: obesity-prediabetes condition-diabetes.

Now, this problem is already faced every other American, indirectly to combat it is directed almost all the financial costs of health care, indirectly this problem is the root cause of almost all chronic diseases. Diabetes now "devours" every third dollar in the budget of the Corporation honey.insurance Medicare (the largest in the US).


Modern wheat is the "Frankenstein cereal", not only contains a "super starch", but "super-gluten", which is much more likely causes inflammation in the body. In addition to the whole set of inflammatory and chronic diseases, it causes obesity and diabetes.

Gluten is a sticky is basically a protein that "glues" the bread and makes it rise. Previously, this protein had 14 chromosomes, and it has not been such a powerful instigator of inflammation and celiac disease. But the modern form of wheat has a different structure, 28 chromosomes and a variety of different gluten proteins, including those that provoke the development of celiac disease (gluten intolerance) with the highest probability.

Why suffer from gluten and fat

Gluten causes inflammation, obesity and provokes a chronic disease, mainly acting in five areas:

1) full-fledged celiac disease — an autoimmune disease that triggers inflammation throughout the body, which, in turn, provokes insulin resistance, which causes weight gain and development of diabetes and more than 55 other disease States, including autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, constant belching (reflex), depression, cancer, osteoporosis, etc

2) silent inflammation, which reacts to gluten, our body, provoking the development of those same problems, even if you have a real, "full-blooded" celiac disease — chances are your reaction to gluten is just the increased amount of antibodies in the blood, but this is enough.

3) in addition, it is worth to mention the highly disturbing recent study (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21392369), showing that the consumption of gluten can produce a variety of autoimmune reactions against failures in other parts of the immune system and not those normally associated with the "real" Aliaksiei. Most doctors do not pay attention to sensitivity to gluten, if you do not have a diagnosis of "celiac disease", but this new research proves that to write off this state from the accounts does not. Celiac disease develops when the body begins to synthesize antibodies against wheat and other gluten media (acquired immunity), while other forms of sensitivity to gluten develop thanks to the work of our innate immunity, which is embattled against modern gluten. This means that people can be sensitive to gluten, even if they have no celiac disease or antibodies to gluten but it will not prevent them to from gluten inflammation and other symptoms.

4) the lectin — glycoprotein neputeviy wheat (structure, consisting of sugar and protein) called wheat germ agglutinin is a substance in the highest concentrations found in whole wheat, it also leads to inflammatory processes in all tissues of the body. This is not an autoimmune reaction but can be just as dangerous and can lead to heart attacks.

5) dangerous much to get excited about gluten-free snacks level of fast food, like for example bezplatnogo biscuits, pastries and processed foods. Industrial processed food this plan has a high glycemic index (rapidly raises the blood sugar level). But the fact that a product is gluten free, does not mean that the product is healthy. The cookies and cakes without gluten are still baking, mix flour with fat and sweet, and often with milk, often restored or refined or modified components, reduced gidrogenizirovannye fats. A healthy decision — this whole vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, and lean animal products — try to stick to such a list.

Let's look at the situation more carefully. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt and oats, can cause celiac disease, which triggers inflammation throughout the body, it is also associated with autoimmune diseases, autism, emotional disorders, schizophrenia, senility, indigestion, lack of vitamins and minerals from food (or their newsweekall), diabetes, cancer etc.

First problem: celiac disease

Celiac disease and problems with the digestibility of wheat in recent years began to take a much more prominent position, they now affect at least 21 million are Americans, and most likely, not taken into account the many millions of people that are not surveyed and do not associate their condition with the consumption of wheat. 99% of people in the modern world just simply were not examined and, therefore, have no diagnoses.
98% of people with celiac disease, the genetic predisposition (it is found in 30% of the population). But, despite the fact that our genes have not changed with celiac disease over the last 50 years has become much more due to some external factor, stimulating the development of this condition.

A recent study was conducted which compared blood samples collected 50 years ago from 10,000 recruits of the U.S. air force with samples taken recently have a random 10,000 people. The results of the comparison were very interesting: over the last 50 years, according to the study, the increase in the incidence of celiac disease was 400%. And now we're talking about "full" celiac disease, which affects approximately one in one hundred, under the United States — about three million people. Before, we thought that celiac disease only found in children with swollen bellies, rapidly losing weight, loses nutrients with food. It is now known that celiac disease can be triggered (according to genetic susceptibility) at any age and WITHOUT symptoms of areas of weak or sensitive digestion. Inflammation, which is caused by celiac disease, can result in insulin resistance, the acquisition of excess weight and/or diabetes, and the author of this article, a doctor by profession, observes the following scheme constantly.

Second problem: gluten and inflammation in the intestine

In addition to celiac disease, wheat creates problems the other way: gluten causes inflammation because our body reacts to gluten, modern, quiet (low-intensity) autoimmune reactions. Our immune system in response to the presence of gluten synthesizes antibodies to the protein (a small amount). In fact, these antibodies are present in the blood of 7% of the population, 21 million people (in the USA). These same antibodies were found in 18% of people with autism and 20% suffering from schizophrenia.

The report of a large-scale study published in the "Journal of the American medical Association" (Journal of the American Medical Association) reported that a latent sensitivity to gluten (identified by elevated antibody levels in the cases when the true celiac disease was not detected) increases the risk of death from 35 to 75%, basically, statistically, the death was caused from cancer or a heart attack. Only in the mainstream of this mechanism in the risk zone of heart attack, obesity, and cancer fall, more than 20 million Americans (the consumption of wheat in Russia and the United States is not much different).

Exactly how gluten causes the development of inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer?

The risk is maximum when the inflammation caused by gluten, spreading like fire throughout the body. First, it violates the integrity of the protective layers of the small intestine, resulting in nezapravlenny food and parasites have the opportunity to penetrate into the bloodstream through the damaged intestinal barriers, and thus unwanted substances come in contact with the immune defense system (protective layer in the intestine is very thin and immune barriers located directly behind this thin layer), triggered an immune response. The total surface area of the small intestine, thus, comparable to the area of a tennis court! The immune system begins to attack the foreign proteins, trying to protect the purity of the blood, and these attacks lead to systemic inflammation, which then, in turn, causes heart disease, dementia, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

Dr. Alessio Fasano (Dr. Alessio Fasano), a specialist in celiac disease medical faculty of the University of Maryland, have discovered a protein produced in our small intestine, so-called "zone" is the concentration of this protein increases significantly in the presence of gluten. Zonal "realplay" the cells of the intestinal tissues that are usually responsible for protecting the immune system against penetration of the blood parasites and foreign proteins — i.e., to prevent "leaks" through the intestinal barrier. It is from here went to the English term "gut leakage", aka "leaky gut syndrome" and "syndrome of increased intestinal permeability" (leaky gut). If you find this syndrome, then eating wheat products, you will always live with inflammatory processes throughout the body and gradually get a whole list of other symptoms and diseases, at first glance, unrelated to your diet.

Why is the number of "sensitive to gluten" people have grown so much in the last 50 years?

The point here is that plant breeders were able to change the composition of wheat, quality and concentrations of gluten in cereal. Gljuteinovye proteins were different and they became much more in the same amount of product, this change and is behind the growth of celiac disease and auto-immune reactions to wheat.

Add to this the overall aggressiveness of our diet for our digestive system, as well as the aggressive environment and unhealthy lifestyle and using medication — you would be the perfect set of preconditions for sensitivity to gluten (literally translated as "gluten intolerance", which is probably correct). "Super-gluten" can easily penetrate into our system through the intestinal barrier and our immune system is forced to react, and it reacts as if gluten is a foreign substance (which it is), so on those cranks open the fire. Inflammation serves to destroy the foreign proteins but the war is often are all victims indiscriminately. Inflammation does not act selectively, so the attack exposed our own cells, which leads to dejerine and other conditions and diseases caused by inflammatory processes in the body.

The damage that our digestive system is applied together, comprehensively, the use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, a diet with a small amount of living plant tissue and a large amount of sugar — it leads to the development of celiac disease and gluten intolerance or sensitivity to it, and as a result, we obtain the permanent latent inflammation. That is why elimination of gluten and other food allergens may be the most powerful method of prevention or correction of diazirine and other chronic diseases.

Super drug

Wheat contains not only the "super-starch and super-gluten", which makes this cereal a super-parnasim and provoking inflammation — in addition, wheat and even high-quality a powerful drug which, in fact, crazy, causing hunger and dependence.

In the process of digestion, wheat proteins are broken down into shorter protein chains (polypeptides), which are called entryname. They are similar in nature to the endorphins that runners get from running. These substances are also treated to the opioid receptors in the brain and give the feeling of pleasure, lifting almost the same way that heroin gives addicts. The wheat polypeptides are absorbed into the bloodstream and penetrate from the bloodstream to the brain. They are called gluteomorphin — derived from "gluten" and "morphine".

These powerful chemicals can cause a lot of problems, including schizophrenia and autism. But they also are addictive, "hooked", causing a constant desire to eat more and overeating. No one overeats broccoli, but cookies, pie, sandwiches, or pizza and stay hard. Even more frightening is the fact that to remove this dependence can be the same medicine used in hospitals are used for overdose of heroin or morphine (talking about naloxone that blocks the action of opiates). Under the control of the naloxone people suffering from overeating, eating 30% less.

The conclusion is simple: wheat is addictive and is a stimulant of appetite.
How to beat the wheat and lose weight:

First, you should get tested and check to see if you have a more serious problems associated with the use of wheat.
If you recognize yourself in at least one of these points, it is necessary to pass the six-week course 100% abstinence from gluten-containing foods, to be able to compare the experience.
If you recognize yourself in three or more points, you should give up gluten-containing foods forever.

— there are signs of celiac disease (allergic, digestive, autoimmune, inflammatory, diazirine)

— without gluten-containing foods you are obviously feeling better

— you have elevated antibodies to gluten (anti-gliadin, antigliadin antibodies or antibodies to tissue transglutaminase)

biopsy of the small intestine showed positive results

— you have found the genes responsible for predisposition to rejection of gluten (HLA DQ2/8)

Secondly, for all those who are not antibodies to gluten and celiac disease: please remember that modern wheat still contains a super-starch and is a powerful drug that provokes obesity, the formation of food addiction and the development of other diseases. Try six weeks to live, eliminating gluten agerasia products completely and keep a diary of health.
The problems associated with the wheat — this is our reality, and now they are clearer than ever. The rejection of gluten can not only help you feel better... it can save your life.

More information for controlling blood sugar level, and practical advice how to avoid gluten in the diet is available in English on the website of the author of this material, Dr. Mark Hymna www.drhyman.com. (Mark Hyman, MD).

Mark Hyman is a practicing physician, founder of The UltraWellness Center, and author of several books, four became bestsellers in the charts of the New York Times, the figure of the international scale in the field of functional medicine.

In English, you can subscribe to his Twitter (http://twitter.com/markhymanmd), to study his videos on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/ultrawellness), subscribe to his page on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/video/?upload&oid=135473923150032#!/pages/Mark-Hyman-MD/135473923150032) or newsletter (this newsletter is drhyman.com/newsletter-sign-up-2/).the original article in the newspaper Huffington Post: www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/wheat-gluten_b_1274872.html?ref=healthy-living

Gluten is a protein complex, which is part of the grain of many cereals such as wheat, rye, oats and barley.

What and who is harmful

In humans with a predisposition to one of the fractions of gluten (gliadin) is the inflammatory response. Patients with celiac disease the immune system recognizes this protein as foreign and attacks it by all means available. The trouble is that under attack not only the gluten, but those tissues in which it is met by the immune cells. In the first place damaged the walls of the small intestine.
In addition to the digestive tract affects the brain, heart, joints and other organs.
According to some estimates, every third watch certain immune reaction to gluten.
But for perfectly healthy people gluten is harmful. The fact that the enzyme processing this protein is lacking, it is easy to "waste" that makes not digestible protein (acid) "to extinguish" alkali.

And how our ancestors lived with such a problem?
And in any way. The fact that wheat, which consume the modern man is very different from that which our ancestors ate. The followers of Michurin for the past two centuries, specially selected varieties of wheat in the direction of the high content of protein, and therefore gluten.
It is not surprising that over the past 200 years, the incidence of celiac disease in the human population has grown by 400%.

A few words about diet.

If you buy a special gluten-free products, your hopes to reduce weight can not be justified. Many gluten-free products contain significantly more calories and saturated fats than their ordinary counterparts.

Gluten in grain.Gluten in foods


Bakeries add 4-6% gluten to improve the structure of bread, and in the manufacture of other types of bakery products such as biscuits, muffins, waffles, and biscuits — from 20% to 40% of gluten. In the composition of the fillings and flour confectionery products — up to 50% gluten by weight of flour.

In addition, the gluten as a preservative widely used in the enrichment of the prepared cereals that so do our children, in yogurt, shelf stable, steaks, cutlets, frozen products intended for further cooking, cheese, crab meat, fish, artificial caviar, processed cheeses, canned fish tomato, chocolate and chewing gum.f


During soaking and germination are active processes of proteolysis of gluten and other difficult to digest proteins, their breakdown to small-size peptides and free amino acids. Due to the presence of active proteolytic enzymes improves the digestibility of proteins. And toxicity of these proteins is significantly reduced compared to the proteins of whole dry grain and flour.

In addition to spare proteins in germinated beans is also degradation and a decrease in the activity of lectins (the main method of grain protection from animals) protein, which in susceptible individuals can provoke intolerance reactions or allergies.
Germinated beans showed a decrease in glycemic index (GI = 40-45) compared with conventional white bread (GI = 90).

Thus, the sprouted grain is characterized by a minimum content of undesirable substances (phytic acid, gluten, lectins) and a high content of certain vitamins and minerals.


A) wheat germ is contraindicated only for people with obvious allergic reaction to gluten. Of about 1%. It is also not recommended to use in patients with gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. It is believed that for young children it is also not suitable.

B) the food industry is made from wheat, rye, oats, semolina, pearl barley is bad for everyone.

What gluten is bad for health?

And the thing is that on the background research of the disease called celiac disease, scientists have identified some of the unknown properties of gluten.

Coeliac disease – an autoimmune disease which is often described as digestive disorders caused by damage to the walls of the small intestine. However, it is something like allergie to gluten causing the body begins to produce antibodies to this substance and trying to deal with gluten, it damages the cells and intestines. Approximately 1 percent of the population with sensitivity to gluten appear the symptoms of celiac disease – diarrhea, emaciation, anemia, in children, developmental delay, stomatitis, short stature, osteoporosis, infertility. The cure for this disease does not exist, but you can completely get rid of the symptoms if you avoid foods containing gluten from your diet. Exactly.

With celiac disease suffer only 1% percent of the population, but the gene responsible for sensitivity to gluten, is much more common.

So, when studying this disease, have found that in addition to severe, many people have mild forms of intolerance to gluten that do not appear so pronounced and people can live long, not knowing where he has skin problems, anemia or swollen bowels or flatulence.

Gluten is harmful particularly to those who have even the most mild Allergy to gluten. If after eating a muffin feel the pain in the abdomen, fatigue or bloating, then you need to go to an endocrinologist. Cure for celiac disease and sensitivity to gluten there, but the symptoms can be completely eliminated, eliminating the products the content of gluten from your diet.

What's the harm of gluten? The paradox is that the problem is not so much gluten, and how it reacts in our body. In the intestine there are little villi that help absorb nutrients from food. So, it is believed that upon contact with gluten, the villi flatten and get a double effect: many nutrients are washed away and not into the blood, and the second point is that gluten tends to linger.

To make white flour from wheat people learned only 200 years ago and our bodies are not quite able to digest cereal grains, enzymes this is not enough. Our ancestors ate a very different kind of wheat, but in the last couple of centuries have brought varieties which contain more gluten, as it is a sign of quality, and white bread is a luxury.

The basics of a gluten-free diet

Gluten-free diet is worth a try, even if you believe that sensitivity to gluten you have, as there are other benefits of eliminating gluten from the diet:

  • The skin is cleaned the pimples disappear;
  • You receive a burst of energy, good health;
  • Subject to the right diet with the exception of processed flour products and of course, it is easy to get rid of extra pounds;
  • A after a couple of weeks after the rejection of foods containing gluten felt better digestion, addition of forces.
What not. Wheat, rye, oats, barley, couscous, semolina and anything cooked from these grains. Carefully read the packaging, gluten is added to canned food, sausages, sweets, soy sauce.

That is possible. Rice, buckwheat, corn, quinoa, amaranth, potato, pea, all vegetables and fruits, meat, dairy products, flax seeds, soy, wheat. In General, everything except food-based crops. Not so scary.

If you want to lose weight and not just eliminate the gluten, it is important to cook your own meals, don't look for sausage without gluten and wait for weight loss, and cook for a couple of 200 grams of meat with vegetables, for example.

In addition to cereals, from the diet should exclude all the obviously harmful products. It's sausage, smoked meat, fatty meat, cakes. Eat more vegetables and fruits, cook food in the oven or steamed, eat fish and salads. Nothing new, not for the first time of the bread offered to give up to lose weight, right?

Important! Not just diet 1-2 months, and to make this way of life. Living a healthy and full of energy, without heaviness in the stomach and ailments. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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