Life without gluten — a personal experience

Olga Liman went on a gluten-free diet 16 years ago. This diet excludes foods containing the protein gluten — primarily wheat, wheat flour, wheat starch, oats, oatmeal, bran, barley, malt and malt extract, barley, rye and millet.

On transition to a gluten-free meal

On a gluten-free diet, we (my mom, sister, and now my sister's kids) since 2000. Before this our life was a long and difficult period, it lasted about 8 years. When I was 6 years old, we suddenly started to hurt very much — subfebrilnaya constant temperature, weakness, fatigue, yellow skin, lack of weight and other unpleasant symptoms.

Mom went to the doctors, we went to the hospital on numerous surveys, but we did not find anything. Some doctors said that my mother "not okay" and it hurts children, and even what she drinks (my mom had never consumed alcohol). The situation was getting worse and worse, and mom tried to find out on their own. She read a lot of books, we have tried many traditional methods, different diets (to 14 years I have had 2 years of hard vegetariana, vegan, period of raw food, separate food – I can't even remember all now).

At some point, mom came across a description of the illness "celiac disease" and realized that many of the symptoms are very similar to ours. At that time we lived in Cherepovets. The diagnosis of "celiac disease" was not yet common, and the doctors didn't even know what it is, when they said that word. We sat on the diet alone, but in Petersburg we have confirmed the diagnosis. Since then things slowly but surely was on the mend. She no longer has fever, weakness, skin color for the first time in a long time became normal, I started gaining weight.

I guess I'm glad how everything turned out without this experience I wouldn't have a childhood so much knowledge about healthy eating, there would be no need to stick with it, and most importantly – would not have iron willpower.

About the reaction of others

When I tell someone about my diet, I often hear: "Poor! How do you live then?!". How do I live? I live perfectly. I have two arms, two legs, head, eyes and everything else. I eat a full, healthy and tasty food. I have a wonderful loving husband, family, friends. If I can't eat mayonnaise salad with a piece of bread and jam and cake, it's far from the worst, and certainly not the most important thing in life.

On the support of my husband

I was very lucky with my husband. Together we began to live before the wedding, but then your diet to rebuild I did not have — he was sympathetic to the fact that it is very important to me, not tried me to "re-educate" or "to reason". Husband is on a gluten-free diet is not sitting, but separately for him, I cook, we eat about the same.

He can buy his own bread or pizza flour to eat in the hotel or restaurant. But in General, he likes to eat healthy food, he learned to look at the composition of the products and to assess how they are natural. In turn, the husband taught me to eat Breakfast and have a soup. I used to do one of coffee or even no Breakfast, didn't like to cook soups. Overall, my food was less systematic, more chaotic.

About the basic principles of nutrition

I eat meat, chicken, fish, seafood, usually in the simplest treatment, vegetables (try to eat with every meal), fruits, gluten-free cereals. Meals in restaurants the easier it is, the less ingredients the better for me. This I like Mediterranean, Georgian, Uzbek cuisine. I prefer to cook myself – so I'm pretty sure in the composition and quality of the products. We recently bought a new juicer and often juice press.

Of course, there are difficulties however, in travel, in eating places. But if you want they can be overcome, you just have to get used to think in advance what, where and when you sing. If you need to take food with them. Now a lot of people who watch their diet, and this is no surprise.

About hidden gluten

At first glance, gluten is bread, pastries, flour, pasta, biscuits. But if you look, the range of products that can contain gluten, is much broader. Candy, chocolate, dairy products (sour cream, cream, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese), semi-finished products, sausage products, mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, crab sticks, bacon, chocolate without additives, buckwheat (it is necessary to sort out, often there is a lot of wheat), almonds, etc.

In fact, most of the products with a complex composition, with no labeling "gluten-free" may contain gluten or traces of it. We all have different sensitivity to gluten, so it is important to listen to your body and focusing on your feelings and mood, and diet.

The most difficult part for me was to give up ice cream and chocolate. Otherwise, we were already so "trained" in various diets that it seemed to me a trifle.

About alcohol

The students really want to be "all", to maintain a cheerful company. But over time I realized that it is very difficult to tolerate any alcohol, even wine, which, in theory, should not contain gluten. Now I do not drink any alcohol. Sometimes can afford on vacation, for example, in Spain and Italy, half glass of local wine, but it happens very rarely. In Russia it is difficult to find quality wine, so I exclude it.

The meat

We do not buy convenience foods, including ready-made stuffing, because there may be contained additives that are not present in the composition. The exception is gluten-free sausages, sausages and boiled sausage, which are sold only in two specialized shops in St. Petersburg (but we also don't eat too often).

Different kinds of bacon, ham, other meats too are not taken: often the composition is wheat protein, wheat starch (as napolnitelja/sealer, sometimes soy, but it's not better). Even if the manufacturer has not specified that, in the composition, not the fact that it is not there. For the same reason (and also to release other harmful substances) we steeped any meat before cooking at least an hour (this I was advised by gastroenterologist).

About your favorite brands and stores in St. Petersburg

Gluten-free products are found in networks: Prizma, Okey, Lenta, Children. There are 2 specialized health-food store (on the bypass channel and M. Vyborzhskaya).

Brand: factory "Udarnitsa" (marmalade, marshmallow), "Piskarevsky dairy factory" (sour cream, milk, cream), "garnets" (flour, must be on each bag of flour is a sticker labeled "gluten-free" if it is not – then batch did not pass inspection, and gluten-free can not be considered), "Baltic mill (flour), Dr. Korner (bread), Dr. Shcar (flour, gluten-free sweets, bread, etc.)

Yogurt before we bought the company Valio (when they are produced in Finland and Estonia), and now, when the production moved to Russia, do not buy no — labeling "gluten free" they are gone, and I'm not sure that the production technology is observed. Anyway, I think that there is nothing useful. Cheese doing it yourself. Cheese usually do not buy it, if you take a solid grade of the company Valio.

About vitamins

I have a low hemoglobin, as the majority of people with celiac disease. The reason is the reduced absorption and absorption of many beneficial nutrients. It is therefore important that the diet was full and contained lots of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Occasionally I take iron supplements and folic acid, vitamin C. But vitamin complexes and supplements, I am skeptical, I prefer to get everything you need from food.

Celiac disease is not an Allergy, it's gluten intolerance. Gluten does not cause allergies, it just does not absorbed by the body, resulting in the injured mucosa of the small intestine and stops absorption of and other food. This leads to the strongest intoxication, which leads to more serious consequences (all of them may be different, but as a rule, extreme stage — Oncology). Allergy — a mild form when there is a definite reaction to the product. It is now established that Allergy to gluten can also be found, but it is a slightly different case.

Day 1


Omelette of 2 eggs with milk, 4 cherry tomato, homemade rolls with red fish, trout ROE and masago, bell pepper, cucumber, avocado — 8 PCs (This is not a typical Breakfast, just rolls left over from last night's dinner on the occasion of the birthday of her husband). Black tea with thyme and milk, water.


Two burgers with homemade minced meat (pork-beef-store is not use), 5 cherry tomatoes 2 large stalks of celery.


Tea with gluten free cake-honey cake (cakes of corn-rice flour cream butter-sour cream). Also not a typical product in my diet, stayed after yesterday's her husband's birthday. Usually I bake a maximum of pancakes, and that is rare.


Banana, 2 small apples — red and green water.


Approximately 250g of shrimp, sauteed with garlic and 1 avocado. A glass of freshly squeezed orange-grapefruit juice, water.


Day 2


A small green Apple.


Cheesecakes from cottage cheese with cream and honey. Tea with thyme and add milk, water.


A glass of fresh juice of beets, apples and celery, with lemon juice, diluted half with water. Pumpkin vegetable cream soup with sour cream, 2 tomatoes, 3 small cloves of garlic.


Banana, glass of compote from apples, rose hips, mountain ash, barberry (without sugar).


Salad of fresh carrots, cabbage, onion, with herbs and a dressing of lemon juice and sour cream. A plate of pilaf.


Tea with milk, 3 slices gluten-free black chocolate. Chocolate was brought from Spain; unfortunately, in Russia I did not see any chocolate labeled "gluten free". Often on chocolate after writing the composition, it may contain gluten or traces of gluten, but, alas, this is true even if it doesn't say on the package.


A large glass of freshly squeezed juice beet-Apple-celery, with lemon juice, diluted half with water.


Day 3


A small green Apple.


Scrambled eggs, 1/2 avocado, bread from otzhimok juice beet-Apple-celery (timcom add an egg and some corn/rice/chickpea flour or their mixture, knead the dough for pancakes and fry in small amount of butter or oil) with butter. 2 slices of black bitter chocolate.

13-45 Orange.


Pumpkin vegetable soup-puree with sour cream and greens, 2 vegetable cakes, 2 stalks of celery.


2/3 of a large broom.


Fish stewed with potatoes and onions, with sour cream.


Tea with 2 slices of black bitter chocolate (actually, I try to eat a little sweet, and rarely eat chocolate, and tea can as well eat figs/honey/jam/marmalade factory "Udarnitsa").


A glass of water, red Apple.

Day 4


Scrambled eggs, avocado, trout, low salt. A little mashed steamed pumpkin with butter. Black tea with thyme and milk.


2 small green Apple


Pilaf, a salad of fresh carrots with garlic and seasoned with sunflower oil


Tea with eclairs homemade (quantity not considered, ate a lot). I already wrote that she is not fond of cakes, but my cousin is a professional pastry chef, occasionally she indulges us with various Goodies. With her help I was making a honey cake for her husband's birthday, and today we cooked together gluten-free eclairs and ice cream.


Freshly squeezed orange-grapefruit juice.


Day 5


Omelette, salad, files, 2 sandwiches with trout low salt, butter, and gluten-free rice-corn bread (firm Dr.Korner). Tea, water.


Red Apple, 1 homemade gluten-free éclair.


Red Apple.


A plate of pilaf, 2 stalks of celery.


Tea with apricot jam. Water

Day 6


Water, eggs, half gluten-free pizza (mom made on DR nephew), 1 large celery stalk, tea.


A small green Apple, banana, 500 ml of yogurt with no additives (the company "Dairy culture").


4 sandwiches with rice-corn bread, cheese Valio and trout low salt, 1/2 avocado, 1 stalk celery. Tea.


Tea, red Apple


2 cups of stewed apples, Rowan, rose hips and barberry without sugar. Approximately 400g of prawns cooked with garlic, salad of fresh carrots with garlic, a stalk of celery.


A glass of freshly squeezed orange-grapefruit juice, water.

Day 7


Grapefruit. Bread from rice flour with the addition of flax seed, trout, low salt, cheese Valio. Tea


A few slices of pomelo compote.


Homemade gluten-free ice cream with frozen currants.


Turkey steak, buckwheat, salad with fresh cabbage, onions, cucumber, dressed with sour cream.


Bowl of frozen raspberries and blackberries, water.published

Author: Olga Liman

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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