The technique the Wheel of Life — look at your life!

In this article we will focus on the methodology of "Wheel of life", which allows to assess the current state of the main spheres of human life, to see the problem areas and become an effective tool for changing lives for the better.

In the center of the technique – the drawing of a circle which is divided into eight sectors, spheres of life.

The person is asked to assess the condition of each of the areas at a given time on a 10-point scale, where 1 corresponds to complete dissatisfaction in a particular sector, 10 – complete satisfaction. Of course, the evaluation will be subjective based on their own feelings. Nevertheless, when scoring, it is important not to dissemble, to show the real situation, and not something that I would like to see. Otherwise, further work with the "wheel" does not make sense. A description of the main areas is presented below.

Health and sports. Health is an important resource for a happy life, and it often happens that a person remembers about their health, when there is a problem with it. According to doctors, healthy people in our time there. However, each individual is able to perform when he was healthier this year or in the past. In assessing this sector, in addition to the comparison with the past, it is important to pay attention to such things as lifestyle and degree of physical activity.

Friends and environment. Here one must ask himself several questions. Do you have enough communication? How is it positive? Would you like to change something in your environment?

Relationships and family. In this sector the person should estimate how much he is happy in the marriage (if married), satisfaction in relationship with family members, a loved one.

Career and business. Career satisfaction is another determining factor harmonious life. The employee should assess the level of satisfaction with their profession, workplace, team, etc. Entrepreneurs — how interesting business, which is time and energy. It is important to pay attention to how much energy spends the personality for his job. So, if after working day leaves no energy and good mood, probably, the person does their job.

Finance. In this sector it is necessary to evaluate the satisfaction with their financial situation, according to their own needs. Of course, the level of claims of each are different, and the amount that one will match the level of 10, for another, for example, only three. So, if you make 30 thousand, and wish to 100 thousand, you may mark 3 points.

Spirituality and creativity. Is individual and multifaceted sector. There are people who are constantly in creative search, there are people who are addicted to astrology, spirituality, numerology, mythology, etc., ask questions about the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe. If you ask yourself these questions, then you are on the path of spiritual growth. If not, this is worth thinking about.
Creative activities are drawing, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, poetry – anything that is a development of the inner self.

Personal growth. Personal growth is the acquisition of new skills, setting new goals and achieving them. Personal growth is professional development, trainings, reading literature related to the professional activities of the self-help literature.

The brightness of life. First and foremost, this sector is responsible for what people do in their free time, how interesting he spends his time and what emotions gets from this. If you have a hobby or passion that you get positive emotions, evaluation in this sector will be high. Examples include all kinds of travel, Cycling, snowboarding, skiing, camping, etc.

Each sector of the "Wheel of life" needs to be shaded in accordance with indicated estimates. Further analysis is based on two criteria:

1. The degree of flatness of the edges of the shaded region, how it is actually similar to a wheel. In other words, it takes into account the evenness of the scoring. In the example (Fig. 1), the wheel came out uneven, since it has large amplitude values of the sectors (maximum value 9, minimum 1).

2. The diameter of the resulting wheel. What it is, the greater the degree of life satisfaction.

Fig.1. An example of a completed "Wheel of life" as seen in the example that analizando lacks the brightness of life, spiritual and creative development. The greatest efforts must be applied to these spheres to align the wheel. But we should not forget about the rest of the fields.

Further work is reduced to what is essential to each of the sectors to come up with and write goals and objectives, which could be implemented in the near future (Fig. 2). It is recommended to be limited to two months, and at the expiration of that period again to draw a "Wheel of life", to see the changes, set new goals, etc.

Fig. 2. An example of the "Wheel of life" with the objectives Separately, it is worth noting that in life there is a law of compensation: succeeding in one area, another great success has been elusive.

So, spending a significant amount of energy for a career, a man or woman can neglect the family or simply it will not be enough time. It said that to achieve the smoothest wheels is almost impossible. Anyway, some spheres of life will be a priority, and not always consciously. published


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