Mystical arson

Stories about fires or fire the cause of which lies in something mystical and supernatural

Fires in the family's home Hitchings (1954)

Near London, in the village of Battersea, family Hitchings long four months have heard unexplained knocks, felt the touch of the unexpected, and what's more - they had to go through a series of spontaneous combustion. Most went to 15-year-old daughter Shirley. For the first time lit bed Shirley. In the second - her clothes inexplicably found herself working on an electric stove, which was not included in the network. Specter so subtly to harass the family name was Donald. Even at work, he did not leave Shirley alone. Battered and her colleagues.

Help save the situation only cmog Harry Hanks - a medium that holds a session to expel the spirit.

Country boy Sasha K. (1987)

Villagers Yenakiyevo in Ukraine were scared to death of a young boy named Sasha. In his presence, something inexplicable happened: that alone lit things, exploding light bulb, the refrigerator was found turned upside down. ... After Sasha's father suffered a nervous breakdown and panicked neighbors called the police, the boy was taken to Moscow for examination. Dr. Andriankin advanced 2 assumptions: first: a man possessed of a certain essence of Sasha K. radiated energy, which caused spontaneous combustion that can ignite gases in the environment. And the second: to blame the usual poltergeist, period. About how there was the fate of the boy, the story tactfully silent.

Unexplained fires in Tarpon Springs (1952)

The town of Tarpon Springs (FL) - was one of the most popular haunted locations throughout the state. Each year, when the wind was blowing south, suddenly began to burn wood. In 1952, a fire destroyed 2,000 acres of forest between the city and the Gulf of Mexico. People believed that the fire suits a restless ghost. Burning wood extinguished not only the fire, but hundreds volunteered. The true reason have not been able to find out, and around an unknown arsonist accused, although no evidence of arson had been found.

Ghost-hotel arsonist "Willow" (1985)

In the mid-19th century, during the Gold Rush Hotel "Willow" in Jamestown chosen ghosts. It is said that a poltergeist set fire to this place as much as 5 times! The most memorable incident occurred in 1985. At that time, the fire did not spare even the nearby shops and famous hotel burned almost to the ground. Mediums and ghost hunters say they blame the spirit of an old miner, who filled up in a gold mine, once located below the hotel. Besides ghosts, and the suspected person probably died in the ill-fated 1896. Then there was a big fire, and to save the hotel "Willow," in sacrifice were brought as much as 9 buildings.

200 Fire family villa (1948)

Family villa in Meykome, Illinois, has experienced hundreds of fires in just two weeks. Fires burned their house, two barn, as well as burnt to ashes a dairy farm. Unexplained fire began as a brown stain on the wallpaper, which subsequently began to ignite. For a week they put out more than 200 such fires in the home, which did not even have electricity, which excludes both the cause of the faulty wiring. The next day, after the family moved in panic to live in a tent, their house burned down completely. After the first house burned down a barn, then the second. Investigation of the fire has not given any explanation of what happened and why. US Air Force officials have suggested that radio waves, radioactivity, natural gas, and maybe "nuclear power" could cause similar.

Mysterious fires in Nova Scotia (1922)

Another place a series of unexplained fires, and apparently habitat poltergeist became Alexander McDonald farm in a small populated area Caledonia Mills, Nova Scotia. The main heroine of what happened was the adopted daughter of the farmer, Mary Ellen. In his 16 years Mary Ellen lagged behind in development, her intellect remained at about 4-year-old child. The investigation led by Dr. Walter fires Prince. He describes various strange happens, happens on the farm: for example, livestock was locked up by someone in the barn, and the tails were intertwined. The people there are on the farm felt like someone invisible beats them hands. It also describes the numerous fires on the farm. Dr. Prince was convinced that all this was the work of a farmer's daughter. But as a girl, with the development of 4-year-old child could arrange it?

The case of South Africa (2011)

All property Mthembu family living in Houpville about Torvilliers that in South Africa, had been destroyed during a sudden unexplained fire. One mother of a family by the name of Mashoba woke up in the middle of the night in the arms of the fire bed. Half of the house was already in flames. Even the house of her daughter (Mthembu front of the house) was on fire. Fire, fire tushivshie themselves said that they saw a fire sprang out of nowhere. The family managed to escape, but could not extinguish the fire of any experts or volunteers, came to the rescue to help them. No one who took over the proceedings in this case, was not able to identify the causes of fire.

Alabama Poltergeist (1958)

Calvin Taka, his wife and six children for a long time tormented by a poltergeist-arsonist in their own home. A total of 52 long-suffering family suffered a fire. Some of the fires started in front of strangers, as if out of thin air. Later they told me that the fire was reddish, as well as a strong smell of sulfur. The strangest case was suddenly caught fire on the table bread. Eventually, the family moved to another house, but the fires continued there. And in the first day after the third move was as much as five spontaneous combustion. Surprisingly, the fourth house "mired" in the fires. Soon, though police found guilty of a fire, but no one believed his "confession».

Fires accompanying an elderly woman in Malaysia (2011)

78-year-old Zainab Sulaiman, who lives in the village of Kota Bharu, long troubled hypergolic things in the house. Within a short period of time their number had increased to 200. Many believe that these fires were caused by none other than poltergeist. Basically otherworldly essence preferred to burn the clothes, prayer mats or mattresses. Zainab problem has become so well known that an American couple traveling on Malaysia, especially to my grandmother drove her to offer its assistance in the spirit of exile. It is worth mentioning that the grandmother somehow refused.

Trial by fire of the family Parsons (1954)

"Tests" fire Michael Parsons and his entire family started when his wife found in a wooden box smoldering dictionary, while the box itself was not touched by the fire. Then, for no light up this bag of sugar in the kitchen, but when Michael touched the bag - the flame was extinguished. Next was suddenly lighted up doll, then box, then a chest of drawers. The fire flared up from time to time in the corners of rooms. And all this in a room without electricity, without a fireplace or any other possible source of the fire. Numerous arson investigation did not help. But after a visiting priest performed the rite of consecration, spontaneous ignition mysteriously stopped.



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