Arson fires and Pyromaniac

10th: The most famous was the instigator, of course, Herostrat that only to become famous, burned the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

9th place: In 391, the crowd of Christian fanatics poduchennaya "Father of the Church," Theophilus burned Library of Alexandria - the oldest and most valuable collection of literature on the history, geography, astronomy and biology. Arson Christians motivated by the fact that the ancient science contradicts Scripture and must be destroyed.

8th place: The famous London fire lasted four days. Burned 87 churches (even St. Paul's Cathedral), most of the government buildings and 70,000 of the 80,000 houses. It is believed that it is - the most egregious omission of fire: the first day of the fire at all no one did.

7th place: The most famous voluntary arson of the city - this, of course, the burning of Moscow in 1812. It was destroyed University Library Buturlin, Petrovsky and Arbat theaters. It is believed that the Moscow fire destroyed the manuscript of "Lay", as well as a unique Trinity Chronicle.

6th place: One week after the Reichstag fire in 1933 (which is claimed Hitler staged the Communists), Germany chose the new Reichstag, the Nazi. Both then and now, many believe that the burning of the Nazis staged themselves.

5th place: the most famous man convicted of arson - is Guy Fawkes, a member of "Gunpowder Plot" against the English King James I. That Fox was tasked to ignite the fuse leading to the room filled with gunpowder under the House of Lords in London. There he was arrested. "Guy Fawkes Night" is still celebrated in many English-speaking countries on November 5.

4th place: most intellectual arsonist - a famous physicist Robert Wood. As a child he adored to organize arson and explosions. By eight years for him entrenched frightening reputation of Prometheus. But then the New York police, conducting an urgent assessment of explosives Applied on criminals.

3rd place: The unit tunes the Guinness Book record for the speed of making fire by rubbing two sticks. Get a fire in this way it is possible for 39.7 seconds.

2nd place: On one of the most ancient fire still reported in the I century BC Roman historian Pliny the Elder. Equal fire, which is still going on in the tract Kuhi Malik (West Tajikistan), no scale or for the duration: it lasts more than 2 thousand years.

1st place: In 1776, for a series of arson attacks 16-year-old Frenchman Jean Baptiste Muron was sentenced to hard labor for a period of "100 years and 1 day." In November 1876 he left prison an old man. Completely after serving a prison term, 116-year-old Muron set a record for the duration of punishment for arson.


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