Six scientifically impossible scenarios that scare people ...


There are many ways to end this world. Scientists can enslave the human race and suck our planet's resources. A meteorite can visit our blue ball. Another sequel computer games can drive you crazy half the world.




But there are a number of scenarios that love to suck the writers and conspiracy theorists, despite the dubious scientific opportunity. We're talking about...


"Scientists will make a black hole that will consume the Earth!"8110f5c1d8.jpg

If you believe the conspiracy theorists, the Large hadron Collider poses a great threat to the planet than a joint group of villains of James bond and comics about Batman. Because only God knows what experiments, or CERN would cause a black hole that will engulf the planet, or the ancient monster from another dimension.

Fortunately for us, scientists with a degree obtained in YouTube, I think these claims are complete nonsense.

If CERN will be able, thanks to the scientific magic to create a black hole, its lifetime will amount to hardly more than a few nanoseconds. Thanks to a little known thing known as Hawking radiation, the black hole emits radiation, which leads to loss of mass and energy over time, and this effect is stronger the smaller the black hole. In short, such a black hole will evaporate shortly after birth. This, of course, if the act itself of her birth will not throw out it into space at the speed of light. But the chances of such an event are extremely small — about one to a billion.

And yet... let's assume that all this happened and we were left alone with the black hole threatening to swallow the Earth. We would have sucked, right? Not really. Any black hole that could produce CERN, will be a miniature (nanoscale), and hence its weight will be small. In the worst case, it will take billions of years that it has grown to the point where we will start to worry. It's doubtful you will survive the human race to this point, not to mention about me or you.

As for the monster... if you are one of those who need to explain that a bunch of scientists in the experimental laboratory can not cause Ctuhlu or at least of Azathoth, we are not going to deprive the world of magic for you.


"North and South poles change places! We're all gonna die!"533c16825e.jpg

The world is certainly a beautiful place and not think twice about killing us in a moment, if the mood is appropriate. This item of his plan includes geomagnetic upheaval, when the planet suddenly decides to swap the North and South pole, leaving us in perplexity, in confusion, to be roasted by cosmic radiation storm or geological events, which we could see only in films by Roland Emmerich.

If not for the story. Due to the geological record of our planet, we know that geomagnetic flips are not a doomsday scenario: they happen with surprising regularity throughout history, so have become the rule rather than the exception. Everything points to the fact that they occur every few hundred thousand years, and we stand on the threshold of another, given the fact that last happened around 800,000 years ago.

However, you cannot say that one day we will Wake up from the noise of earthquakes, tidal waves or wildly spinning compass needle. The truth is that pole shifts before the start of the records: magnetic North pole has shifted a few hundred kilometers from the 19th century, and now shifts even faster, with 18 kilometers per year in the early 20th century to about 80 kilometres per year these days. The North pole is moving at a speed luxury sedan.

"But what if inversion will lead to the collapse of the magnetic field?", — you ask a stupid question, wildly rolling his eyes. Answer: no. As we mentioned, these upheavals have happened many times before, and the planet looks kind of like a unharmed. In addition, the magnetic field is not something that can be turned off or left open like a garage door. Like any naturally occurring form of energy, it can become stronger or weaker, but never fully disappears, as does the magnetism. In addition, the atmosphere acts as a great job of closing us from the flow of interstellar garbage, so even if the magnetic field SAG somewhere over Tahiti, we'll be in relative safety.


"The sun will fry us all with his flash!"3f68a96dc1.jpg

Say, solar flares are clouds of heat, radiation, and naked space of high-energy particles that can in a moment to blow off the planet, and sentenced her forever. But it's not. Not that solar flares didn't exist (they do exist) — just us unlikely to destroy a flash.

First of all, as with geomagnetic upheaval, solar flares occurred, as humanity can remember. They occur approximately every 11 years — but nevertheless we have not sunk into Oblivion, as the distance from us to the Sun is too high, that its heat ow unimpeded and without losses could reach us.

And yet a solar flare can badly spoil our lives. The upper atmosphere can be significantly disturbed by radiation and particles, leading to disruption of communication satellites, and super-strong flash can knock out the power grid. Fortunately, to protect against potential consequences of such events have taken certain steps (including attempts to predict the appearance of such solar flares). In General, a little blackout can't hurt, but mankind will definitely survive, deprived of light for a while.


"Bomb of antimatter will destroy our world!"ae47e83b5d.jpg

You may be familiar with antimatter from sci-Fi epics. But antimatter is not purely a fantastic concept. According to respected futurists like Dan brown, very soon, the destruction methods will depend not on nuclear, biological or chemical skills of the villains will be the bomb of antimatter, which can be washed of the city in the blink of an eye in things, nothing, left only to wait.

Unfortunately for Dan brown (and fortunately for all of us), antimatter is literally impossible to put in military turnover. Not that it was a secret and mythical element of the explosions. It exists in the usual places, from lightning storms to the research laboratories CERN (damn, CERN so often appears in this list, it's time to start encrypted). This is important because the basic premise antifashistskogo of the Apocalypse as it is portrayed in the movies is that antimatter explodes on contact with ordinary matter. And if this were so, then the stuff would explode everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

Second, even if antimatter was so explosive, it would be difficult to get both from the position of Finance and common sense. According to CERN, the joint efforts of scientists over several decades produced about 10 billion grams of antimatter. In "Angels and demons" antimatter was a quarter gram. And you know how much money it would take to create such a bomb? It is estimated that "a million billion" and another billion years for extraction. Seriously, antimatter is the most expensive substance in the world. The earth soon will end in a natural way, to the delight of the villains of Dan brown. Oh yeah, because they are already.


"Nuclear winter will freeze the planet"44008719fa.jpg

It is believed that after a nuclear exchange fire will lift into the air enough dust and soot to block the sun and cause catastrophic consequences for all who are lucky to survive the initial blast. This idea presented itself Carl Sagan, and therefore it would be wrong to point out its wrong.

But although we have not experienced nuclear war, we faced a lot of events that were kicked up smoke and debris into the atmosphere and still allow you to read these words. Volcanoes, oil fires, two nuclear attacks, countless tests of nuclear weapons — they all had a chance to test the hypothesis of a nuclear winter.

Furthermore, the successful creation of a "nuclear winter" will depend on a number of variables, which should be neat for sure. For example, the bomb must have a sufficient capacity, it will need to blow in a lively area with the right geography and the right weather to trigger the necessary fires and stuff.

But... what if all the cards will fall like you should? Well, then it will be a terrible nuclear weapons, but the winter is still a word. According to scientists, this area, later the climate will not so much like the "nuclear winter", how to "nuclear autumn" that sounds strangely comforting.

Finally, there is the fact that most of the studies of the possibility of nuclear winter appeared in the 1980-ies, at a time when world leaders believed that there is a connection between the size and the power of the bomb. At present, however, waste from nuclear weapons much, much smaller, and we also came out of many years of competition rattling nuclear weapons. However, who knows what the future holds for us?


"A swarm of nano-machines will make us into soup!"f7d11a3bb1.jpg

People are surprisingly bad attitude towards cars, despite the fact that we are obsessed with creating so many cars that we never had to do anything. Several groups of people are concerned about the threat of so-called "gray goo", a flying army of nanomachines, created with the task of self-replication. Machines should definitely get out of control and put every atom on this planet on other machines.

Problems in this scenario are of course many, and not the least of which includes rewriting the known laws of physics. First, there is a problem with energy. Our flying robots termites because of their size, must be power by solar energy, and also a completely waste-free use. But this energy is hardly enough to ensure that these termites took off and fell right there on the spot, not to mention to wrap the entire globe in a swarm of clones.

In addition, to create nano-machines from organic matter (i.e. of us) would be impossible. Made of metal and inorganic materials (atomic composition of which is homogeneous) is still okay, but our organic robot — disorganized, jumbled pile of garbage and bones. So the attempt to create a nanorobot which will do the copy yourself from an organic material, is comparable with the destruction of the house of LEGO and try to build from the parts of the elephant. A real elephant.

Okay, let's say, the supervillain managed to solve the issue. Army of nanobots in this case, it will be conquered by resistance force that slows object moving through a fluid (like air). The maximum speed of any object is proportional to its size, so the air resistance will decrease the speed of motion of microscopic machines of death to a speed comparable to the movement of the glacier. The world will swallow an army of nanobots and not even choke. published


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