What could be due to the burning of grass (24 pics + text)

The burned-out village Linevo (it burned down 80 houses) people were asked the question: which is why there was such a fire. Called many reasons: a strong wind, breakage and short circuit wires, even arson suddenly arrived Chechens. But no one, no one said that the house burned on the outskirts of the village that someone had lit the grass as it is taken from us almost everywhere. It is clear that another article about how stupid and dangerous to set fire to dry grass not solve the problem overnight, but let's think together.

Every year, in spring and autumn in Russia harness the dry grass. Every year, in spring and autumn in Russia, burning houses (sometimes entire villages burned) and the fire people are dying. But still in the minds of the majority is no connection between these two facts. Furthermore, addition, many sincerely believe that to burn the grass is possible and necessary. So, the basic arguments "arsonists", as a rule, are as follows:

Myth 1: Burning grass heats the soil and enriches it with ash, resulting in burned areas appear new grass grows faster and better.
Reality: As a general rule, start to burn grass April and May, when the new greens have hatched. And often it is not visible under the dry grass. After combustion, the young grass becomes quite simply more visible on a black background, which many take for "the improvement of growth." At the same time, the grass, of course, suffers from fire, its quality is deteriorating at an annual palah as organics burns "on the vine", killed beneficial insects, microorganisms, etc. Ash enrichment also typically does not occur. Ash, of course, is formed, but it does not penetrate into the soil and remains at its surface. As a result, the first heavy rain washes it into streams and rivers, where it has absolutely nothing to do. The absurdity of this method of fertilizer application can be demonstrated as follows: hardly one of the gardeners would fertilize the soil for the next harvest, burning has grown. And that is what is happening at grass palah.

Myth 2: If you burn the grass in spring, it will kill all the mites, vipers and other dangerous animals.
Reality: Perhaps mites and viper will not be saved. But, even if for a moment to accept the fact that this way of dealing with dangerous creatures harmless to the environment, we should not forget that quite often with tongs to the light sent and more useful animals, including bipedal.

Myths 3, 4 (relevant to the south of Russia) need to burn dry reeds that grew in their place something new, more useful. Canes need to burn so they do not get lost cow.
Reality: In most cases, after the burning of reeds grow again by him. A second assertion is difficult to argue, svezhezazharennaya cow did not lose the ashes.

Myth 5 The grass should be burned in order to then, when the spring flood water rises, it is convenient to fishing nets, which goes to spawn.
Reality: Yes, in this case the fish catch is really convenient. So the burning of grass - a direct benefit for the poachers. That will only last the "birthday of the heart" for long. During spawning fish using grass as a basis for fixing the eggs and where the grass and reeds to do but it will not be successful spawning. And the ash gets into the water, can and does kill the eggs, and even fish.

Myth 6 Annual burning of grass - stronger prevention of fires.
Reality: This claim may be true. But only under certain conditions. Only strictly controlled, specially prepared and well organized in suitable weather conditions can help avoid fell more problems. In real conditions to hold such events, few people can, and harmful to the soil and the effects of controlled animals fell indistinguishable from uncontrolled. Foresters professionals long and fiercely debate about the possibility of forest fire prevention methods controlled burns. But in our opinion - is the way to a dead end and can be used only in really extreme situations, such as when no other means possible to stop the fire, threatening settlements. But even with this disclaimer should be remembered that, for example, this year many catastrophic fires started right from the preventive burning operations.

Myth 7 All around the harness, so it should be. What have I done? As a rule, in this case, the logic is this: if I did not light the grass at his village now, and the wind is blowing away from the house, it will ignite in a nearby village, and the wind blowing in my direction.
Reality: As if it did not look strange, but such "competition" do happen all the time. At the same time, vacationers Pyromaniac do not understand that to burn the neighbor is not good, the wind can change dramatically, the fire may bypass the village and back to the rear.

Myth 8 Since many of our fellow citizens were in school, they remember that the steppes and prairies can only exist with regular burning out, which replaced the trampling territory of large ungulates.
Reality: That's just forget the pundits that such burning may be useful only when they occur by natural causes every few years, and certainly not every year (or even twice a year).

That's about the case in the minds of many of our fellow citizens. The fact that at the present time in Russia there is practically no control over the observance of citizens and organizations of the rules of fire safety in natural areas, as they say, keep silent. Of course, the invaluable contribution to the increase in the number of fires has made and "caring state": in the last 15 years, the state forest guard systematically destroyed. And today, this process is completed. Against the background of how the deputies of the State Duma shall hold meetings (in which the main culprit catastrophic fires this year unanimously recognized nature), against the background of how the MOE asked the state billions of rubles (at a premium, and you what to think), wood, dry grass , followed by the villages and continue to burn. A guard and cook them almost no one and nothing. Not enough technology and knowledge of professionals. And our citizens continue to enjoy the green grass on the black ashes: the beauty ... Haze blew, the grass plait. At last spring. It's time to gather at the cottage. And all overgrown with last year ...

Well, now burned photos of the Volgograd region in general and in particular the village Linevo.

But it looks like the burned village. The spectacle, I must say, eerie. People walk on the ashes, searching for surviving: forks, knives, pans, etc. In general, all that is still somehow can be used.


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