The top three most expensive natural disasters of the 21st century

        The earthquake in Haiti in 2010
Economic damage: from $7.3 to $13.3 billion, according to The very surprised to quality Uork Times and the inter-American development Bank.

After the earthquake in January 2010 the Republic of Haiti (the poorest state in the region of the Caribbean) has become much poorer. Almost completely destroyed the capital of Haiti, Port-AU-Prince. More than 220,000 people died, over a million were left homeless.

        The eruption of the volcano eya, patlikuhal in 2010 (Iceland)

Economic damage: more than €5 billion ($7.3 billion), according to the magazine Spiеgel; according to the International air transport Association airlines one eruption has cost €1.7 billion.

Despite the fact that eyjafjallajökull did not rearousal any houses and did not kill a single person, and its eruption is rightly included in the list of most severe natural disasters of recent times: since, according to the European Commission, was abolished more than 100 000 flights, dozens of airports were closed.

        Forest fires in Russia in 2010
Economic damage: according to official data, amounted to 85.5 billion rubles (over $2.8 billion at the exchange rate of 2010).
The summer 2010 remembered the people of Russia, especially the European part of it: the heat and drought caused terrible forest fires. Burned forest area of more than 2.3 million hectares, thick, acrid smoke enveloped the entire Western part of Russia. Assess the damage first is very different. Called a fairly large amount. So, the center's Director of wildlife conservation Alexey Zimenko stated that the damage to the forest Fund from fires was not less than $25 000 per 1 ha of forest, or a minimum of $375 billion total damage.

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