Forest fires in Victoria, Australia (36 photos)

In Victoria, in South Australia, is now raging hundreds of forest fires that occurred as a result of record high temperatures - was fixed mark 47 degrees Celsius, the temperature record in Australia. According to the latest victims of the fires have become 166, and this number is likely to continue to increase.

Summer fires in the Australian continent occur regularly. Typically, the fire quickly spread to a large area because of the strong wind and high temperatures. Strong fire with tragic consequences occurred in 1851, 1898, 1926, 1939, 1983.
But this fire led to the greatest number of victims in the history of Australia. For comparison - the previous "record" belongs to the devastating fire of 1983, when 75 people were killed and were killed about three thousand houses.
The fire consumed more than 220 hectares. With the fire fighting fire 4000 of Victoria, joined by volunteers from other Australian shtatov.Meteorologi predict an abnormally hot weather in the coming days. Obviously, fire fighting will be delayed for some time.But not always to blame the weather - the police believe that the fires were caused partly arson, at least two have been arrested arsonist.


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