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His mother, a wife and a successful designer Victoria Beckham knowingly received during the time Spice Girls nickname Posh Spice (¬ęChic spice"). Despite the fact that she had no figures Jennifer Lopez and beauty Monica Bellucci, 37-year-old Victoria looks at their background more than worthy. She has its own charm that few people understand and accept. The wife of famous footballer David Beckham shows us the best clothes, for which she received the title of "style icons" not so long ago, but which prefers to make "Snow Queen" Victoria?

1. All of us have understood why Victoria did not like to smile for photographers, but even so not a single expressing emotions a person should try to look good (considering the fact that some are talking only a happy face with a smile, and this "mine" * sorry that so I call * absolutely contraindicated). Victoria was lucky and her expression is not something that goes, but does not make it worse than it is. I am sure that it is only in public, as a cold forbidding rocks, and houses full swing for a couple of laughs with David and four kids. In the photo below from Beckham not only beautiful Smoky ice, but also a great haircut. Only one thing I did not like - too bright gloss on the lips. I would have replaced it with a bright lipstick that Vicki is very suitable (see images below).

2. Although Victoria and very bad skin, makeup artists it successfully manages to disguise it. Tanned Victoria looks no worse than if in this photograph was the place to be aristocratic pallor. I would say that it's better (but do not overdo it with a sun deck, as harmful, and ugly). Makeup is nice but again the lips do not look the most appropriate manner. But I note a manicure, a ring and a dress (above all praise!).

3. Tired, worn appearance is not for the "Queen", so Meiko put "unsatisfactory.", Because he played a role in this form of Victoria. Too pale tonal basis picked up artists.

4. Beautiful picture, though Beckham looks I do not like, but her appearance in this picture, I appreciate. Or is it a good photographer or a good makeup. One of the two, there is no third. Personally, I incline to the second.

5. With short hair and Victoria looks younger and fresher. Should not still say that the black color of old, black black strife. Makeup beautiful, but even more zest to the facial expression of Victoria (not often seen her so playful after leaving the Spice Girls).

6. Again, I admit that makeup artists have Beckham "rukastogo." Makeup 100 out of 100, but with eyebrows "school" and the lower eyelashes slip ("spider legs" and could not do).

7. Occasionally this happens, but that blonde, that brunette pretty Victoria. I like that in most cases the order of her head and she does not imitate sloppy (mostly) Kate Moss that Beckham calls his "idol style." Meiko is too bright: flickering shadows, a lot of peach blush. On the whole, the picture looks unnatural Victoria. Still, she was doing the chest, it can be seen from afar.

8. Hairdressers built on the head Vicki some baobab and makeup artists have tried and caused as much makeup. Maybe that Victoria said to do it, because it is recognized that it is not sure of its appeal and no makeup to go out even for 5 minutes is not able to. Blue flickering shadows to me, by the way, I enjoy. If Beckham dress in the style of "metallic", these shadows relevant than ever. With highlighter overdone, but the Hollywood stars can not do without it.

9. Face of Victoria I, unfortunately, do not like, but the face of the water, do not drink, so it is nonsense. Make simple but good. Only worth correct eyebrows.

10. With such a hairstyle Beckham looks, as I said, a lot younger, and make-up at all stunning. Overhead cilia shining silvery shade and discreet color lip gloss - a perfect combination.

11. But such a make-up case of Victor, when she sang in a pop group. It is very different from what we have today. Bravo Victoria and her assistants.

12. Lamentable Vidocq, but then maybe it was fashionable. By the way, those are right who say that with age, the lips are reduced, as an example, you can put and Victoria.

13. On his head, as usual, a full order, but make-up ... Apparently Victoria indifferent to his cheek and felt their dignity that must be allowed each time stronger and stronger ... In vain, oh, how vain ...

14. But Beckham and wine-colored lipstick. Agree, it suits her?

15. And how do you this? In my opinion, magical. And why did not she paints her lips scarlet lipstick?


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