10 unique archeological findings that modern science cannot explain.

Despite all the advances of modern science can not explain everything that was found on the planet. It is possible to see all, sometimes it is necessary to look wider and go beyond the clear. The dictator suggests that You see yourself in 10 unique archaeological finds, which can not be explained by modern science.

10. The drawings in the Nazca lines Twenty five million thirteen thousand two hundred seventy three

These drawings are not subject to the explanations of the human mind, because they were created until the 12th century (according to some sources until the 2nd century) civilizations of the Inca or the Nazca lines, and they are visible only from height of bird's flight. The magnitude of these figures are more than impressive: "the eagle" has a length of 120 meters, "spider" is 46 meters, and the "lizard" – and at 188 meters! Why, and most importantly how were these figures, and remains a mystery.

9. Moai on Easter island Twenty million seventy six thousand two hundred twenty four

These giant stone statues, or moai, were supposedly built around 600 to 800 years ago on the Easter island, located in the Pacific Ocean and is currently owned by Chile. The size of these "idols" is also impressive – from 3 to 120 meters and the weight of each of them – up to 10 tons! According to the main hypothesis of the statue was made of solid stone and was retrieved with the help of sophisticated systems using levers. But the local population still there is a legend that the statues "come" to their seats by yourself…

8. Stonehenge in England Ninety million one hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred fifty one

This ancient stone temple is only 130 miles from London and still remains one of the unsolved mysteries of ancient civilizations. 30 stones, with a height of about 4 meters each, form a perfect round shape with the diameter at exactly 33 meters. All the local legends attribute the construction of Stonehenge, with the name of the legendary magician Merlin and give it a place of unimaginable magical power. In scientific circles, there is a perception about using this stone monument as an ancient astronomical laboratory. In any case, given the age more than 5,000 years, each of these theories is shocking.

7. The ancient Temple of Sacsayhuaman in Peru Sixty million two hundred eighty five thousand ninety six

This ancient sanctuary was built in the period 1471-1493, and was divided into the house of the Sun and Building weapons and war, serving for the worship of the relevant deities. In 1536, the Church was occupied by Spain and turned into a quarry, which of course was barbaric. But the Spaniards could understand, because the stones of which were built this ancient temple was unique – masonry connecting without a drop of the solution was so accurate that until now, between the remaining stones is not to push the needle. How an ancient civilization could have with the tools and knowledge necessary for the stone processing remains a mystery to the present day.

6. Pyramid underwater in the Bermuda triangle Fifteen million ninety thousand seven hundred twenty

All accustomed to the fact that the pyramidal structures are found all over the planet, but no one used to find them under water. In the late 20th century at the bottom of the Bermuda triangle was discovered two huge pyramids built of vitreous material of extraordinary density. Who, when and why built these pyramids is still a mystery. But their presence reveals the other side of the missing ships and planes over this abnormal area. Maybe we still just do not understand the nature of pyramids and their impact on the world around us.

5. Stone balls in Costa Rica Twenty four million three hundred three thousand seven hundred nineteen

More than 300 such stone balls, reaching a diameter of 2 meters and weighing up to 16 tons was discovered in the 1930s in Costa Rica, at the mouth of the river Diquis. Researchers have shown that the age of these stone spheres may be up to 2000 years. According to local belief inside these stone balls were stored the gold, but after some of them were broken, this legend was not confirmed, and the balls inside had empty. Modern technology does not allow you to repeat the process of creating these balls, and the "sculptors" who created them remains unknown to this day.

4. The tunnels of the ancient world Seventy nine million six hundred thirty three thousand one hundred sixty nine

This year was quite a startling discovery – a network of tunnels under the whole of Europe stretching from Spain to Turkey. The age of the tunnels dated back to 10,000 years BC. How Stone age people managed to build a subway line, how it took time and resources, we can only assume. The purpose of these underground tunnels also remains unknown.

3. Egyptian pyramid Ninety million eight hundred twenty eight thousand seven hundred ninety four

This is perhaps the most famous wonder of the world holds a huge number of Tay that modern science to explain just not. Trying to build a pyramid similar to the pyramid of Cheops, using the tools of the time, in 2014, ended in complete failure. Workers were not even able to align the Foundation to the cardinal, not to mention carrying blocks of stone weighing more than 10 tons. In addition, numerous texts claim that the pyramids were lined with gold plates that were looted during the period of the decline of civilization. By the way, where the Egyptians took such an amount of gold, modern science can explain also can not.

2. Golden airplane Incan Seventy two million six hundred fifteen thousand ten

In the middle of the last century excavations in Latin America was discovered rather unusual figurines made of gold – they had wings, a tail, but was not similar to birds, and was reckoned by archaeologists to the statues of insects. In 1956 in new York city hosted the exhibition "Gold of pre-Columbian America" where those Golden statues have been displayed. There they noticed the aircraft involved in the development of the first jet aircraft. After testing these "Golden airplane" in a wind tunnel was made an unimaginable discovery – thanks to the Delta wing and vertical tail feathers, these Golden birds-insects perfectly behaved at supersonic speeds, which only developed in the 1950-ies. After the study, these gold figurines were returned to the Museum, and deltoid wing and high vertical tail has become an integral part of supersonic aircraft, which are used now.

1. The Stones Of ICA Fifty eight million one hundred forty four thousand eight

This unusual collection of stones now has over 50 000 copies distributed worldwide. Their size varies from 1 cm to 1.5 meters. But what makes these run-water stones so unique? The thing in the prehistoric images that appear on the stones are there, along with the human life of the ancient world, is shown walking next to dinosaurs, and with such detail of the structure of the bones, which is to invent it was simply impossible. Also, on the stones depict transplantation of organs and strange aircraft, and some stones painted as people devour dinosaurs. In addition, the mystery remains and tools of drawing these images. The authenticity of these artifacts confirms their very high abundance and their detection in the field of ancient graves during official excavations. published 

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