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Cairo. February 19, 2003. Major discovery made in the Egyptian desert team of archaeologists led by Italian Paolo Gallo, Interfax reported. Group managed to find a temple, which dates back roughly to IV century BC
In buildings preserved painted reliefs depicting deities. Now the temple, whose length is 20 meters, destroyed, covered with a layer of sand and is located in the desert area. In the past, there has been an oasis.

13.02.2003, the website to Lenta.Ru in Saqqara about 25 kilometers from Cairo Scottish archaeologists have discovered the ruins of the city, founded in the period of the Old Kingdom. This city, built over 4,500 years ago, lies at a depth of about 6 meters near the Necropolis, where the Step Pyramid of Djoser - the oldest of the Egyptian pyramids.
Scientists with almost absolute certainty say that had lived in the city found the builders of the pyramids and tombs of the Pharaohs ...

This is the most important archaeological discoveries of the past. But is it harmless? Let's try to figure it out with correspondents of the newspaper "Dawn of Volga».

Most people are convinced that archeology is one of the most innocuous of Sciences. Lovers of antiques are picked in the ground, searching for strange artifacts, and then exhibited in the museums of their findings illustrate the inexorable progress in the evolution of the human species of living beings.
However, sometimes excites the imagination unexpected piquancy.
That results in 1970 in the middle basin of the Dniester unique pottery kiln - a quarter of potteries of the same type as those used by modern potters. And pottery at the masterpieces of pottery. Moreover, it is a clear indication not of handicraft rustic fishing, and the powerful industrial production.
That is still standing in India, a huge column of chemically pure iron, with a more elaborate bas-reliefs on it. And it is like a contemporary of our ancestors did not tally with the fact that, according to the official World of science, people at that time barely learned how to handle the good stone tools, not even knowing about the possibility of copper smelting. It does not fit in with the fact that most modern technologies allow to melt only a paltry milligrams of the most chemically pure iron, and then the space laboratories. When insanely expensive experiments.
Stalactite cave in the Crimea, Soviet tourists in the 1960s, found a flashlight left there thousands of years ago "primitive" man. But flashlight operates on nuclear fuel ...
And these findings instantly enveloped in secrecy. Sometimes take more drastic measures. For example, for anybody not a secret that, capturing Egypt, French soldiers on the orders of their leaders fiercely shot from guns Slavic face of the sphinx. Even for the majority of the performers then remained secret, the secret of which was to maintain the order.
But how many know that the "democratic" Germany is still a top-secret archive Society merchants trading in the early Middle Ages with Novgorod. Because it contains information about the greatness of a huge Aryan Empire, stretched on the territory of our country.
Former Public Library, now renamed the National Library of Russia, not only to eliminate any access of scientists to runic documents collected in IX-XVIII centuries, the famous Russian scientist Sulakadzevym and sent the library Alexander Neustroeva, but does not give even an inventory of these manuscripts in it. < br /> There is no more sensitive information than archaeological. Neither the military nor diplomatic information, or even authentic information about aliens visiting Earth are not hidden so carefully, like hundreds of thousands of archaeological finds that tell the truth about the past, the epic of specific people, and even more were the true humanity as a whole.
Referring to this dangerous subject, we can list for readers, especially for those interested in politics, a number of documented and well-known facts and coincidences. Each of these matches individually could be interpreted as an accident or as a stretch lovers mystical exoticism. But when the facts are arranged in a chain, the system, in the law - it is a science. And, too, archeology ...
For example:
The French (Masonic) revolution began immediately after one of the hunters found the grave of a famous Jewish seer Nostradamus and abused her.
The First World War started after the scientists unearthed drevneshumersky city of Ur, and opened the tomb Urschi King and Queen Shubad Meskalamduga.
June 21, 1941, Soviet scientists have unearthed an ancient tomb in Samarkand ruler conqueror Tamerlane. The whole delegation gray-haired elders asked scientists not to do so in order to avoid catastrophic events. Excavated.
The next day, Hitler's Germany attacked the Soviet Union.
In the sixties, the Arab-Israeli war began immediately after Israeli archaeologists have discovered the "Tower of Babel" and opened the sarcophagi with the bodies of the ancient rulers. The first "opener" speechless and paralyzed.
The current carnage in Yugoslavia began after amateur archaeologist found and dug up the grave of the famous King-conqueror Alexander the Great.
A few years ago in the steppes of Bessarabia, the Southern Ukraine excavated the tomb of Prince Svyatopolk the Damned, one of three sons of Prince Vladimir of Kiev prince usurped the throne, crushed in Russia Vedic civilization and the "fire and sword" christened Rus. Himself Svyatopolk Accursed is known for having killed two of his brothers Boris and Gleb, which the Christian Church and then enlisted in the holy collectively.
The consequences?
Unnatural enmity between the two Slavic states - Russia and Ukraine ...

Crossroads Centaur 3/2003

And speaking of Tamerlane (Timur) that it turned out to belong to his skull Evropoidu. Those. whether general or Tataromongolsoe Igo was a civil war, and the Christianization of fire and sword. And then blamed all evil wild Mongols.

Legend of the tomb of Tamerlane
Described herein may not be accurate.
This article may be made on the basis of rumors and is an urban legend.

According to legend, the source and time of occurrence of which can not be found, there was a prediction that if the remains of Tamerlane would be disturbed, will the great and terrible war. The inscription on the jade tombstone reads: "Anyone who breaks my peace in this life or the next, will be subjected to suffering and die." Historically authentic fact that the tomb of Tamerlane in the mausoleum Gur-Emir in Samarkand was opened by Soviet scientists 21 June 1941, less than a day before the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union.

From the memoirs of Malik Kayumov, former cameraman at the opening of the grave:
He went to a nearby teahouse, look - there are three ancient old man sitting. I even said to myself, like each other, like brothers. Well, I sat down close to me have brought tea and a bowl. Suddenly, one of those old men and turned to me: "Son, you're one of those who open the tomb of Tamerlane's will?". And I take and say, "Yes, I'm in this expedition the most important, but for me all these scientists - anywhere!". Joke decided to drive away his fear. Just look, the elderly, in response to my smile even more furrowed. And the one that spoke to me, beckoning to him. I went closer to look, in the hands of his book - an old, hand-written pages are filled with Arabic script. And the old man drives a finger along the lines: "Look, my son, that this book is written. "Who will open the tomb of Tamerlane - to unleash the spirit of war. And would such a bloody massacre and a terrible, which the world has not seen in forever »...

It was on 20 June. Scientists did not listen to them and 21 June opened the grave, and on June 22 the war began. No one could find those elders: the owner of the teahouse said that on that day, June 20, he saw old men in the first and last time.

Being at the front, Kayumov won the meeting with Marshal Zhukov in October 1942. He explained the situation and offered to return the skull of Tamerlane back in a coffin. This was carried out on 19-20 November 1942; in those days there was a turning point in the Battle of Stalingrad.


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