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Volvo XC90 ceased production of the first generation. 12 years old Swedish crossover pleased us design the elderly and the lack of technical changes. Let's see what other new cars "born" as a long time, but are still trying to put on thousands of unsuspecting Russians.

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Mazda MX-5

Two-seat roadster was not just popular, but hit the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling sports car in the world.

Fans of this model every year becomes more and more, and the history of the MX-5 goes back three generations.

It is the third version pleases Russians since 2005.

That's just the nature of Mazda drayverskiy assess the strength is not for everyone, but only those who dare to lay 1,315,000 rubles per impractical two-seater.

Opel Astra Family

The popularity of this model is most clearly demonstrated by the fact that for several years it is sold on a par with the new, no less popular a generation Astra.

But this year the "old man" will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It seems that it's time to lower the price, but for the angular hatchback Germans still ask for 630,000 rubles, which is only 20 thousand cheaper than a brand new Astra.

However, this did not prevent 11 thousand Russians last year to stop the choice on the model with the prefix Family in the title.

It seems that the time-tested and domestic expensive car in our country has good credibility.

Nissan NP300

1998. Zidane scored two goals Brazilians in World Cup final, and creates a Nissan pickup Navara.

The Frenchman completed the long professional career, Navara was replaced by a generation, as the same pick-up from the last millennium continues to surf the collective farms all over the world, but called NP300.

And let the "Japanese" is not the oldest car in our ranking, it is in his appearance most clearly discern the features of a bygone era design.

In Russia, this model is not meant to be serious sales is largely due to the unpopularity of the pickup as a class, well, because not the most humane prices 953 000. But NP300 - one of the few who can boast a truly powerful off-road performance.

Daewoo Matiz

In fact, now sold in the Russian market two Matiz. One -vsem us a well-known, popular and already almost legendary first generation Daewoo Matiz 1998 creation.

And the second - a stylish, youth, but not very popular Matiz third generation, better known as the Chevrolet Spark. Why is it popular Korean brand car, purely rhetorical question. The answer lies in just one number: 254 000.

It is so much in rubles worth the most affordable Matiz, which automatically makes him the object of desire of anyone who has just bought the rights and is seeking what he quickly break. Spark, incidentally, is also ideally suited for this role, but to pay 452,000 for such entertainment afford not to everyone.

Suzuki Jimny

Without exaggeration, unique car in the form to which we are accustomed, was born in 1998.

One of the few representatives of a rare class of compact SUVs capable of such feats on the roads that have not dreamed of many eminent representatives of all-wheel drive brethren.

But in Russia Jimny suffered much more "sad" fate - he became the darling of the beautiful half of humanity.

Until feats Nissan Juke in conquering the hearts of Russian avtolyubitelnits Suzuki, of course, far away, but thanks to the funny looks really traveled by jeep, and remained only female toy.
For which is now asking for a minimum of 779 thousand rubles.

Daewoo Nexia

At the beginning of zero Nexia, established in 1995, is seriously fighting for the title of best-selling new foreign cars in our market, but even then she was old by the standards of civilized auto world. Especially when you consider that, technically, the car is nothing more than an Opel Kadett early eighties. In 2008, Koreans, although at the time, probably already Uzbeks have decided to once again change the appearance of the sedan and bring it to the motors of environmental regulations. It turned out very well, and Nexia is still popular among Russians, remaining essentially the same Opel. But who cares, when a new foreign car full offer for 289 000 rubles. Exactly the same is the cheapest Lada Granta.

Land Rover Defender

The fact that this legendary SUV has long outlived his allotted time, they say, probably for the last fifteen years.

And next year so sad, but inevitable event does happen and the car came to being back in 1983, will leave in the past. More precisely, it will take this generation.

Defender name will remain, but the new SUV will SUV only on paper. Officially announced that the next version will head for the conquest of all-wheel drive crossover segment. So those who still want to buy a real SUV, worth having prepared 1 490 000 rubles, hurry.

Some people prefer to sell the car as soon as it is over the guarantee, and someone saves his "swallow", while she herself did not commit suicide technical. In any case, everyone has their own preferences. And how do you think it is worth buying a car, created more than a decade ago? Share your thoughts with other comments.

The author B. Askarov.


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