Rolss Royce

Operating experience. (original spelling preserved)
Finally I decided on the advice and example of many familiar replace domestic classics on something more reliable and inomarochnoe. Near my house was located salon «Luxure Car» and that's how the Saturday morning with the package of dollars, I went to choose their new vehicle, instead of the already rather overexposed and achieves a frequency of repair VAZ 2103 '75 release.
However, we must pay tribute, in a way that my C grade not failed me once on the large and preserved pretty well - except that a little bit worn out rings and rotten body. Nevertheless, over 250 USD my beauty has moved to a new host. I stood in the cabin and choosing a new vehicle. Naturally immediately ran manager and began to praise exhibited cars - Porsche has not approached, because only 2 doors and a small trunk and ground clearance - the cottage potatoes awkward to carry, and his wife does not like cramped. Of course as quickly fell away, and the other models, like our eight - ie such as sports cars - Lamborghini, Mercedes SLK and others. He began to think further.
It is natural for me more valuable than just reliability. Managers fuss and suddenly offered to look at it - "Rolss Royce"!
I must say that I saw him once in love - a beautiful large sedan, the legendary quality with a large trunk and comfortable seats - in general, I immediately paid off, got a discount and warranty card and went to the new machine. Of course after the foreign car Zhiguli - it is quite another - in there all pribludy - more than a dozen neighbors! - TV there, shields, leather interior. Conveniently. But one thing is immediately upset - prices MOT - 1200 bucks !!! From that point I decided that he will serve the machine, and the benefit is a tool and a good experience and a garage in a cottage in the country. That's what happened during the reporting period.

0 - 200 km - immediately toned glass imported film, bought the flavor and trim on the steering wheel - 35 USD noticed that the appetite of cars brutal - decided to fill the 76th, the benefit of the men said that he was still digesting the injection. It's nice when your car is not worse than 10 - ka neighbor who boast of their injection Jam !!!

300 km - is strange that the car for so long has not given reason to get under the hood - that means a foreign car !!! But the itching !!! I bought wooden chairs and massagers in the panoramic mirror with a thermometer - it turned out the whole problem to put it, since Rolls Reuss mirror in which there is no current, and because of this it is thick and not suitable fasteners. I had to use wire and cold welding.
Next ...

1000 km - I thought that perhaps running for foreign cars over and it's time to change the oil. Eli found among some wires and tubes that drain neck - there resulted clear that what with the smell of coconut - I immediately regretted not change the oil when buying !!! And 1,000 km traveled in this water or what it is !!! Filled good old miniralki M6 More sovestskih stocks. I was looking for a fuel filter. Found. I decided to change. I called the service found that it costs 300 bucks !!! We had to reinvent mount volgovskih and using a sledgehammer to put him in his place. At the same time we have to change and antifreeze - and then you never know what there is in the factory poured !!!

2,500 km - Today it was necessary to transfer to the country of the board for the construction of toilets - Jam put on the roof rack !!! Gutter on the usual Zhiguli there. Like it or not it was necessary to drill and put the corners in steel 8 - ki. When drilling a damaged electrical harness, and then ceased to burn taillights. I had to shoot headliner and splice it. Back upholstery is not got - did not want to stretch the skin. No wonder I was saying that all the disposable foreign cars - to first repair !!! This is a car for 200 thousand dollars !!! I imagine that all of Mercia and other things - but I look at them from above.

3000 km. When driving from the country permanently hitched belly - the database is large. He came to the conclusion that the machine should be lifted a little, and it is not adapted to our roads completely. Quickly I removed the rear wheels in the garage and did not understand a damn thing !!! I had to ask when - it turned out that this kind of air suspension burzhuiny invented the cylinders and the air in them. Had pokumekat week - threw all their notions and put sliced ​​into 2 front coil springs and shock absorbers from the Volga by Gazelle, after mounting Navara - is now shipping and is clearly much to take and not to cling belly !!!

7,000 km - 4,000 km out at no problems except for growing a knock on the rear suspension. That trust then in the reliability of cars !!!

10,000 km - during a trip to the country torn to shreds 2 wheels - they are too low for our village. Long savvy to put it - not that it is not unsuitable - and suddenly once went HB cottages along the mechanics and note that MTZ - 80 front wheels with exactly the mount on my Royce !!! For 2 liters, and the wheels were purchased. I put it in the garage - I can not get enough of - and increased ground clearance and wheel will not hurt - certainly hurt the appearance, but it's the little things!

12000 km. We turned out to be a lack of new wheels - cling bastards in the corners of the mudguards !!! We had a little hammer to work - everything was OK.

14000 km. - Decided to make anticorrosive - bottom missed cannon bacon, sills painted with red lead, bottom of doors and arches wings instead defended antigravs layer of tar on working out.

15,000 km. - Knock back became unbearable - scattered in the garage looked suspension - turned silent blocks - one zhёvanaya tires !!! Even at Zhiguli go more !!! What trust then tales about foreign cars !!! As the British are doing, where they OTC looks - I do not understand! I put on GAZ 53 metal sleeve - it will forget about the problem. At the same time examining the gearbox did not find there the hole for an oil change - and here the trash !!! Drill and tap M8 threaded. Filled grease and screw the screw - now for the rear suspension I can be quiet !!!

16000 km - finally decided to put the tape recorder, and the native from birth did not work - wrote that the current screen type enter yuour drive. And indeed it is current receiver, and I want as a person - with kassetki !!! I bought at the Indian market for 800 rubles. with a pair of speakers. The speakers are embedded in the door, propylene jigsaw hole, but with a mount for the radio had to invent, because he knew that in a home built in the computer and even Cho then not go without my beauty - so it vykovyrivate sin not. I had a box of Moskvich 2141 screws to fasten a beard. Voltage wanted to take from the ignition, but he remembered,
which immediately electronics - Card !!! Throw kabelёk directly from the battery.

16100 km. C-zu-ki! Should not put the radio - and smashed the window and stole just pulled out with meat, duct of Moskvich and screws! Vandals!
We'll have to bring and carry away the tape "Elektronika-324". Well, that was kabelёk battery, and the battery-to-broke.

16110 km. I find out how much it cost to glass from a broken window. Ten times since-with-a-ts-ts-ts-oo-oo-oo-to-to-to-and-and-and-and-and-and-and-and !!! He carved himself Plexiglas and arched over the steam. A little bit wrong with the pattern, when the window is closed a lot of slots. Zapenil slots, cut off the excess, Kuzbass-coated varnish, plexiglas toned. The principles were not worse than the factory.

17000 km. I bought and installed at the top of the windshield sticker «LADA SPORT PRO». A neighbor in the 10-ke nearly died of envy.

18,000 km - It turned out that the leather interior is very impractical. Exported from the country of 20 sacks of potatoes, hoes, pitchforks, shovels, rakes, and a motor-plow "The Mole" (and even in winter, all the homeless soprut). Of course, there is a benefit in Rawls - a large room, all climbed, but there are drawbacks - the whole skin is stained, posharpalas, cut and torn. I am trying to wash soap, myth, faerie, nithinolom, kerosene, turpentine and acetone. Nothing helped, but the skin was wrinkled and zadubela. Then the first major abraded heavily sandpaper, then nulevkoy then shined his blacking all. Shitty skin, worse than the kirzachah - to shine polish failed. Tear off all the skin, the wife of the old covers sewed curtains. Non-staining, and soiled - removed, wash. Beauty!

20000 km. The cabin was very cold. In principle, and in the summer it was not hot, but saving the open windows and stove included. In November, it does not help. A neighbor in the 10-ke said that this is due to the unit and advised to remove the extra bells and whistles for our climate. I namerzsya that the first same sledgehammer blow that broke the Pribluda.

20010 km. Inside, still cold, because the oven has stopped working (they said, is related to the air-conditioned somehow then, whether climate, then, whether the control). No, definitely not made by Rolls us. It seems that the winter will have to go fishing in my winter suit (coat, ear flaps, padded trousers, boots). More and more I miss my old VAZ (though there, too, the stove did not work) ...

79000 km. ... Evil is not enough !!! He wrote in an angry letter to the Automobile "Rolss-Royce." I list all all deficiencies, shortcomings and weaknesses of the machine. As people of conscience enough to make frank marriage for the money ??!

80000 km. He came to me at once three representatives of Rolls Royce. They silently inspected the car. One cried, another had a heart attack, and a third said that Rolls Royce hurt to look at this torture and they are ready to buy their products at any price. Shame on the people was, came up to them what I had suffered! And then I realized why people buy expensive cars: cars, of course, useless, but what does the customer!
I did not rednecks, the more that people do to me kindness ... And a lot of money for this stuff do not ask - 80 thousand run, I already understood - is the ultimate resource foreign cars ... Therefore, I asked for money for a new top ten, with a small margin - that was enough to broach, greasing, antikorroziyku, Chinese cocurrent on kenguryatnik, spoiler, tinted, pisalka, normal radio, subwoofer ...

Well, now something my neighbor die of envy for sure !!!



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