Jokes 2

A young woman comes to the psychologist and says:
 - Doctor, when I'm in a room with a man alone, I always pulls sex with him. What do you call such a phenomenon?
Doctor, unbuttoning his belt:
 - This phenomenon is called a successful meeting!

 - Hey, bartender, pour-ka me a glass of brandy!
 - What?
 - Get out of the five-star.
The bartender pours. Visitor drinks - and falls dead. The bartender draws on the label of the sixth star.

There comes a woman in a drugstore. He sees it as "Tampax" 1, 50 rubles. pack, and asks:
 - What's funny that they are cheap?
 - Without the threads - the seller is responsible.

Want to change the walk - do not drink tea, drink vodka

Go through the desert and the Russian Jew. Russian nothing to do, so he from melancholy jokes about Jews says. In the end, a Jew could not stand it, wept and asked Russian:
 - Ivan, do not tell jokes about Jews over.
Vanya took pity:
 - Well, - he says - I will not.
Five minutes pass in silence. Then again I itched from the Russian language:
 - Let's anecdote to tell.
 - But not about the Jews!
 - Well, okay, not about them, not about them so. Go, then, in the desert, two Negro - Moshe and Isaac ...

There comes a man in a lingerie store and asks:
 - Give me a girl panties on.
 - On what?
 - The eighth grade student.
 - Check, please.
 - The eighth "b".


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