How is the birth of a hamburger

On the outskirts of Moscow, Solntsevo lives and works "McComplex" - a large plant was built 18 years ago, where enjoys uninterrupted production buns, hamburger patties and well known to every visitor "McDonald's". In addition to production, "McComplex" also serves as a distribution center, supplying everything you need - from semi-finished products to plastic straws and napkins - hundreds of food outlets.

In addition, there are special laboratories in which specialists achieve perfect dusting sesame buns, uncompromising density milkshakes and perfect juicy beef burgers. Below - the story of how we managed to get the camera to the factory, to peep process of birth hamburgers and meet with special instruments for calibration rolls.

A two-storey complex covers an area of ​​about ten and a half thousand square meters, so it does not fit in the wide-angle. The picture shows the main entrance to the central "McComplex." Before entering three flags fluttering - one Russian and two corporate.

Left and right scurry hefty trucks approaching the complex and leaving him. Some are brought here ready meal, flour, meat, vegetables, sauces, branded clothing, tubes, liquid soap, etc. Other - carry about all this in restaurants or sent abroad (manufactured here pies are eaten not only in the capital and its environs, but also pleasing to the inhabitants of the countries of Eastern Europe).


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