The tragedy in the Estonian town of Haapsalu orphanage

Monday was the national day of mourning in Estonia in connection with the death of ten children with disabilities in a fire at a boarding school of Haapsalu.

The incident occurred on Sunday, February 20, at 14:30 local time at the orphanage was a quiet hour.

According to the Estonian authorities, the epicenter of the fire steel chamber with immobile patients. Firefighters arrived at the fire three minutes after receiving a call about the incident state of emergency.

The building of the boarding were 37 children and nine employees of educational institutions. Rescuers evacuated from the burning orphanage 36 people, 12 of whom were hospitalized with burns of varying severity, and poisoning by combustion products.
A few hours after the evacuation of firefighters managed to extinguish the flames. However, some of the wooden building was completely destroyed boarding fire.

According to the head of the coordination service of the West Estonian Rescue Center Priit Laos, Jan. 19 fire inspectors checked the building of a children's home and found no violations of fire safety rules.

On the causes of the tragedy until the walk just a rumor. They say, deliberately set fire to a boarding school, and did it allegedly a former graduate of the orphanage who are registered in a psychiatric clinic.
Pupils burned down the orphanage is now placed in other social houses Haapsalu.

Help the victims are trying to complete strangers, they are all necessary things. In the mid-90's boarding it was built on the money of sponsors, and now for the affected children across the country collect donations.


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