Facts about Estonia

1. The name of the capital of Estonia means "Danish city". Tallinn = Taani (Danish) + linn (city). 2. Although this opinion is the most common, there are options like - «tali linn» («Winter Castle") or «talu linn» («manor house-castle"). 3. And until now, Russian debate on how to write correctly Tallinn - with one "n" or two "nn" :) 4. The melody of the anthem of Estonia has absolutely identical melody with the anthem of Finland. 5. The official language is Estonian. 6. However, in Estonia there is the city in which you want to search dooolgo to hear Estonian language. 7. It is very difficult to find someone to approximately born in 1985, who did not know Russian. 8. The country is divided into 15 counties. 9. Estonia flag blue, black and white and every color has its own meaning. 10. Blue symbolizes the sky, the sea, lakes and color national flower symbolizes fidelity + national ideas. 11. Black color - the color of earth and national Estonian jackets + reflection of all the burdens of the Estonian people. 12. White - the color of purity, desire for freedom and the hope for a better future. 13. Individually, all three colors found on the flags of other countries, but in exactly the same line-up (but in a different order), only one - the flag of Botswana. 14. In Estonia, there is a category of citizens called "stateless" 15. Even so have a passport (alien's passport). 16. There are a lot of words and names beginning with the letter "s." 17. Estonians has one of the largest collections of folk songs. 18. Estonia does not recognize dual citizenship. 19. But while all my friends Baltic Jews have Israeli citizenship and citizenship of Estonia. 20. The vast majority of foreigners has no idea that there is a country - after my "Frome Estonia" I usually ask again "Spain?" :) 21. Victory Day is celebrated on June 23. 22. On three sides of the country's territory is surrounded by water. 23. The structure of the Estonian part of the island in 1521. 24. In Estonia, there are 11,800 marshes (over 20% of the territory). 25. And more than 1,150 lakes. 26. Church of St. Olaf (Old Town, Tallinn) in the 16th century was the tallest building in the world (159 m). 27. At this point, it has a height of 123 meters 7. 28. According to the decision of the City Government of Tallinn, under construction in downtown skyscrapers can not be higher than this. 29. Estonian cuisine is quite specific (my mom still thinks perversion of milk soup with vegetables). 30. One of the three versions states that the Ice in 1242 occurred on the territory of Estonia. 31. In Estonia, the world's largest number of meteorite craters. 32. Estonian spas have become famous thanks to the curative mud. 33. In winter, the road is not sprinkled with "sand" and granite chips (spring granite chips are going to be used in the following year). 34. Estonia's main religion - Lutheranism. 35. In the Estonian language as many as 14 cases. 36. And in the Estonian language has no future time. 37. But there the last three. 38. 99, 9 percent of the country is covered by GSM-net. 39. Estonia - the only country in the world where the number of mobile subscribers exceeded the population. 40. In order to obtain a secondary education, need to unlearn 12 years. 41. And 10-11-12 class are not entitled to leave in the second year. 42. Because you are simply expelled from school. 43. Even if you have health insurance you will treat your teeth only for the money (if you already have 19, and you are not pregnant for a period of more than 12 weeks). 44. Sometimes it is cheaper to get medical care in general not having health insurance. 45. The national flower of Estonia - knapweed. 46. ​​bird - the swallow. 47. Stone - limestone. 48. It is necessary to take apart "winter driving" in training for a driving license. 49. And there is no separate rule with a manual gearbox and with a gun - hand over to manual and then we go all my life on what you want. 50. The most accurate anecdote about the Estonian climate:
- Why are not you tan? It was a sunny summer!
- I was working that day. 51. In Estonia decided to give an even number of flowers. 52. Valentine's Day is called the Day of Friends. 53. As in any language, in many Estonian word "cut" Russian human ear - despite the fact that I was born here, still do not dare say a word mudila towards the child (baby, toddler). Though the emphasis is placed and not how you read :) 54. It is very rare to find nestilno dressed woman. 55. It can be natseplen piece of the mattress and a hat with horns, but it will look stylish. 56. Over the long history of wars Tallinn was never taken by storm. 57. Because Estonians themselves passed it on agreed terms :) 58. Old Town of Tallinn is brought in UNESCO list of cultural attractions. 59. Estonia is competing with Germany for the right to be called the birthplace of marzipan. 60. In Tallinn is the oldest pharmacy in Europe. 61. The most famous ghost of Estonia - the mysterious White Lady. 62. White Lady - a good ghost (helps love) and you can meet her only once a year. 63. Most of the tourists are buying liquor «Vana Tallinn». 64. But few know that the «Kännu kukk» no worse :) 65. Most cool knitwear can be bought in Estonia. 66. Oddly enough, there is an ostrich farm. 67. The highest point of the Baltic states is in Estonia - Suur Munamägi (318 m). 68. There are many Russian movies filmed on the "Three Musketeers" and "17 Moments of Spring" to "Lilya 4-ever». 69. Estonia regained its independence in 1991. 70. In the same year became a full member of the UN. 71. to join NATO in 2004. 72. And in the same year - joined the European Union. 73. Since 2011, switched to the euro. 74. The most traded in the last year the country's children's book is a book with a funky name "Turd and Spring" :) 75. To date, the tallest building in Estonia - Tallinn TV Tower (312 meters). 76. The most expensive machine in Estonia - Koenigsegg CCX. 77. Gas from Russia (it is cheaper), we can not sell. 78. During this hunt and fined. 79. Still, the mass of cars just rolls on Russian fuel. 80. In Estonia, you can not copy the notes. 81. Estonia became the first country in the world where you can vote on a mobile phone. 82. Here, the cheapest gas in the EU. 83. In 2011, the Tallinn bears the proud title of European Capital of Culture. 84. Here, the so-called parent pay wages - how much you earned before leaving on maternity leave, and so you will pay up to six childhood. 85. In Estonia, there is no occasion of March 8. 86. There is virtually a clone in May - Mother's Day. 87. But this March 8 men still dragged armfuls of flowers :) 88. Tallinn has the world's first monument to "007". 89. If you do not pay a few months for their own apartment (not a mortgage, fully paid-bought), then you throw with your own actual living space. 90. Absolutely all dwellings (apartments, houses) are equipped with smoke detectors, smoke unreal therefore quietly (unless pre-pull out the battery sensor). 91. There is a law banning smoking in public places. 92. But if you're a little stand up at any stop, you will not apply "obdymyat." 93. Whatever may be said about Swiss chocolate - Estonian most delicious in the world :) 94. The term of service in the Estonian army is 8 months. 95. Skype was founded in Estonia. 96. Kill the one who will say "that's why he was so slow" :) 97. The Estonians did not brake, they simply follow the Russian proverb "7 times measure, one - cut it" :) 98. I did not sleep until 5 am, only to finish All this nonsense :) 99. Welcome to Estonia!

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