20 hard truths that no one wants to admit

We all struggle... we All suffer inside Every day...

We are worried.

We've been circling the same idea.

We feel depressed.

We feel angry.

We feel lonely.

We don't feel good enough in some way.

We wish to change the shape.

We want to have more money.

We wish to find the job of your dreams.

We want our relationship was perfect.

We think everything in life should be easier.

And all these thoughts are trying to tear off a piece of our consciousness. And even though it's just thoughts, they felt like real problems, though they have no basis in reality, because we created them ourselves in our minds. Somehow we become attached to certain ideals and fantasies and believe that if we follow them, our life will become better.

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And at the same time we worry that the things to which we aspire may not be what we expect to see. We delay things because we are afraid of discomfort and failure. We feel depressed because we think we should be further ahead than the here and now. We feel angry because you think that life should not be like what it is now... Yes, it is.

But it's all in our heads.This path leads nowhere, he is wrong. At least not for you.

You may think that you can live a better life. But life is a series of elections which you have done, are doing and will do.

Take a deep breath and let all thoughts and the thoughts leave your head. Just pay Your attention to the present moment. Focus on what surrounds you now – the lights, the sounds, your body, the earth beneath your feet, objects and people, moving and resting around you. Do not judge these things and people because they are just there and should be just accept what they really are. Because once you accept the reality, you can find ways to improve it.

To see life for what it is, without rose-colored glasses, ideals, and fantasies — that's your problem. Let go of all your stressors, embrace them and just live the moment.

This point really deserves to be here.

If you want, in a minute you can again plunge into the whirlpool of illusions, fantasies, and distorted worldview. Enough to lose concentration, attention and focus.

But before you do, we have time to remind yourself of some truths that we like to deny it, when we are stuck too deep in our own heads...

1. In our life many things we can't control.You can't control everything that happens around you but you can control how you react. In your answer your greatest strength.

2. Our expectations often make us miserable. Happiness is the ability to let go of what you assume has value in your life. It's scary. It seems that you lose an oar in the turbulent flow of life, but it's not.

3. We will always be imperfect. If you seek "ideal" before they can share their stories, ideas and talents with the world, no one will ever hear about you.

4. We spend a lot of time worrying.Worry will never change the result. More to do, less to worry about. Train your mind to see the lesson in any situation, and then make a decision and change life to be better.

5. The best lessons often come at the most difficult day. Stay strong. Sometimes life brings you back to the bottom to get to learn the lesson that you would learn in any other way.

6. Success easily gets into our heads, and the failure can easily penetrate into our hearts.Our character is often manifested in the moments of our UPS and downs. Be humble on the mountain top. Be strong and decisive at its foot. Be true to yourself in between.

7. We confuse busyness with productivity.We should pay attention solely on growth. So focus on what's really important and let go of what does not allow to grow.

8. The more uncontrolled money the more problems.Yes, we need money to live. We need to earn, save, invest. But avoid spending money you have not earned, to buy things that you don't need that are created to impress people You don't even know. Manage your money, otherwise they will control you.

9. For happiness, most of us don't need more, on the contrary need less.In life there are period when you indefinitely put, but there comes a point when the sum doesn't add up. At this point, start to subtract. Life becomes much easier when you clear out the clutter (mental and physical), which makes it difficult.

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10. Our trendy gadgets often dehumanize us. We all need to learn to be more human. Don't avoid eye contact. Don't hide behind gadgets. Share emotions face, not a smiley. Tell stories. Listen to the story.

11. As a society, we are too infatuated with outer beauty.If the whole world suddenly went blind, how will people see your beauty? Man is the master of the body, but it inside it. Be beautiful on the inside otherwise exterior beauty is just a cheap wrapper. And always try to see the true beauty in others.

12. Most of your arguments are meaningless.Be selective in your battles. Often simple acceptance of differences — better than your right.

13. By default, we judge other by their actions and ourselves on our ideals. You already the kind of person you want to meet and who want to be near. You're the only person whose actions, words and ideals will always be a you like.

14. We are not always returned as much as we give.If you are expecting that people will always do the same as You did for them, you're in for a rude awakening. Not all have the same heart as you.

15. Blaming others is a recognition of the inability to control your life.Return the power over your life back. The best part of your life will start the next day as soon as you decide that your life is your property. This will only happen after you stop on someone to rely on or to consider someone guilty.

16. Easier to hold on than to let go and grow. Let go and move forward, but it will help you realize that some things just are part of your history, but not part of your destiny.

17. If you want to benefit, you must be willing to spend. Most of the dreams about the rewards without the risks. Triumph without trials. But life plays by different rules. When you find what you want, ask yourself: "What am I willing to give to get it?"

18. Even with all our achievements, progress still requires the good old routine of work. In modern culture, which seeks quick and easy results, we must learn the beauty of effort, patience and perseverance. Be strong, be real and build your life around your daily healthy rituals.

19. When there are good opportunities, we will never feel 100 percent ready. The biggest opportunities force us to grow emotionally and intellectually. They force us to stretch ourselves and leave our comfort zone, and this means that we will not feel completely comfortable. And when we don't feel comfortable we don't feel ready.

20. Many lives may suddenly end. Anyway, none of us can live forever. So it is much harder to change the length of your life than its depth. So, how deeply do you live today? Here's what You need to worry about today, not about how long you will live.



Informational field of the Universe exists without time, and knows everything about usHow to avoid anxiety and concern for his "tomorrow"?

Final thoughts 

Again, I would like to remind you that sometimes life is tough stuff. We need to stop trying to control every aspect of life, we must learn to resist all odds. Be careful. Always be here now. Walk today, and walk boldly. No regret. Don't look back.

We can't know what lies over the horizon, but that's what makes our journey, each new day interesting and exciting and that's what makes Today such an important day.published  


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