10 simple truths that even forgot the smart people

A few simple truths that we should not forget that all of us continue to move forward

I know that a lot of very smart people have to overcome additional difficulties, just because these people forget some simple truths that help us all move forward. Do not forget them, too.

Here are ten simple truths forgotten even smart people:

1. If you do not take action, the formation of the intellect you can not help
It does not matter how high your level of intelligence and whether you have a doctoral thesis on quantum physics, you will not be able to change anything or to really move forward if you do not take any action. There is a huge difference between knowing how to do something, and the ability to do it. Education and intelligence are not backed by action, is useless. It's easy as ABC.

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2. Happiness and success - this is not the same
I know a very smart business woman, who over the past year has earned nearly a million dollars on the Internet. All our common acquaintances entrepreneurs consider it very successful. And guess what? The other day, being in a bad mood, she confessed to me that she had depression. Why is that? "I'm exhausted and lonely. Lately I just do not have time for themselves, "- said the businesswoman. "Well, well - I thought - one of the most successful women I've ever seen, unhappy».

I am also familiar with one surfer that is almost all day long engaged in this sport near our apartment complex on the beach in San Diego. This is one of the most frivolous and optimistic-minded people from all those whom I have met. His face is always shining smile from ear to ear. But he lives in a trailer with another surfer, and they are both often begging from tourists. Of course, I can not deny that this man seems happy, but I can not take it to the category of a successful life.

"What will make me happy?" And "What will make me successful?" - These are the two most important issues you probably asked yourself. But these are two different issues.

3. Each person runs their business
It does not matter what you do for a living, or who you work for, because the only person to whom you are really working on - is you. A serious question is: what and to whom you sell? Even if you are working full time at a large corporation, you still manage their own business. You sell part of his life (the hour of his life) at a set price (expressed in your salary) to the customer (your employer).

So how do you make sure that at the same time save your time and increase revenue? The answer to this question will be a bit different for each individual. But this answer, you should find for themselves. The book The 4-Hour Workweek - a good read on this topic.

4. Too many choices hinder decision
We live in the 21st century, where information moves at the speed of light, and opportunities for innovation seem endless. We have a huge choice of how we build our lives and careers. But, unfortunately, a huge selection often leads to uncertainty, indecision and inaction.

Existing market research and studies in the field of business have shown that the more the buyer choices, the less food he usually buys. After narrowing the range of products to three options, we thus narrows the choice of the best product of the hundreds of options, and this make it easier on yourself. If purchasing decision causes considerable complexity, most people simply leave this venture.

If you release a product line, try to keep it was confusing. And if you try to take a decision about his life, then do not waste time weighing all options to the smallest. Choose something that you think will work, and immediately proceed to action. If the chosen option does not work, choose something next and continue to move forward.

5. All people are somewhat successful and somewhat unfortunate
This truth in some way relate to the true second on our list, which states that happiness and success - it's not the same thing. But at the same time, it has its own distinctive traits that with nothing can not be confused.

Trying to be perfect - it's a waste of time. Excellence - is an illusion.

All people, even our heroes, there are positive and negative traits. Influential businessmen, fine musicians, authors of bestsellers, and even our parents in their lives in some way succeeded, but something failed.

Our success usually depends on how much time we have dedicated case. We are successful because they continued to do what you have started. This successful part of our life, we want to show to others. This is an attempt to show themselves in the best light. We draw in your mind for a specific public image: "A successful host of ABVGDka" or "Winner of ЁKLMNka».

But between the sleek lines that we so diligently edit is versatile personality with its long list of failures. For example, a person can be a bad husband or wife. Or to put everyone around like fools. Or did not learn to drive a car from time to time to make an accident on the road.

6. Any mistakes you made - it's your step forward
Errors teaches you important lessons. Every time you allow another mistake, you approach the target. The only mistake that you can really hurt - it's your inaction for fear of making a mistake.

Therefore, do not loiter and make no mistake. In real life rarely happens that a chance is taken suddenly from somewhere, far more often the chance to have to look for yourself. You can never be 100% sure that your plan will work, but with one hundred percent guarantee we can say that if you do nothing, then nothing will be triggered. You should always keep in mind your goal and strive for it.

No matter how things will develop, because everything goes as it should arise. You either will achieve his or learn something. In any case, you will not be for nothing. Remember that if you do not act, you never know what you're really capable of, and you never will advance forward.

7. People can be obtained not what they like to do
No, I do not mean that you necessarily do unloved business or chose a profession that you do not like. I just did not once heard intelligent people say something like: "In order to succeed in what you do, will have to love the fact that we have to do." And it's true.

A good friend of mine has been audited. He told me many times that he does not like his job "because of the fact that it bored him to death." But he quickly goes up the corporate ladder. Last year, in his 28 years as one of about a thousand junior accountants in his department, he became one of those two, who was promoted to senior accountant. Why is that? Because, even not liking what he does, he does it well.

I can cite dozens of similar examples, but I will not be wasted on trifles. Just be aware that if a person pays a sufficient amount of time and attention to some matter or improvement of a skill, he will do it well, even if he does not like it to do. For a thoughtful reading in this area, I strongly recommend you book The Talent Code.

8. The problems that we're having in communicating with other people, mostly characterize ourselves
Very often, the problems that arise when we communicate with people around us - our partner, our parents, our brothers and sisters, with the rest - actually more are not to them, and to ourselves. Because most of the problems that we think we have, in fact, created by our subconscious mind. Perhaps in the past there have been situations in which someone gave impetus to our fears or cause anxiety. Or perhaps, in the past someone did something that we had hoped for. But in both cases, the problem lies not in our offended people, but in ourselves.

Everything is so. When we will understand, it will be easier to deal with our current difficulties. In the end, only we are responsible for their decisions. Only we can decide whether we clutter up your head unpleasant memories of past years, or still need to be open to the perception of all the good that we have in the present.

All we need - and this is an effort to see things from a slightly different angle. Instead of sighing over the fact that "it was" and over "what might happen", you need to move your attention to the "what is" and "what is possible to happen».

9. The decisions taken in the heat of emotion, seldom a good solution
Solutions that prompted you emotions are usually not valid judgment. This reaction typically results in an error. Similar reactions occur when NDR conscious thinking and based on short-term "feel" without a balanced deliberation.

In this case, the best advice is simple. Do not let your emotions get the better of reason! Before you make decisions that will change your life, slow down and think about the consequences.

10. When given the opportunity, one does not feel 100% prepared for it
I constantly observe the following picture: the first thing that keeps intelligent people away from success - is that they refuse to take the opportunity, considering that they are not well prepared for this. In other words, they believe that before starting to properly deal with posing as business, they need to acquire additional knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, this way of thinking hinders personal growth.

In fact, no one ever feels 100% prepared for the opportunity. Because the most significant opportunities for our lives are given to us for our future emotional and intellectual development. They pull us out of our comfort zone, where we first will feel uncomfortable. And if we feel uncomfortable, then we do not feel prepared.

You just need to remember that the moments of important opportunities for personal growth and development will be something here and there occur in your life. If you want to change your life for the better, you should try to use these points, not even feeling 100% prepared for this opportunity.


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