Age of the Internet allows us to receive daily infinite amount of information, and in some cases it may not be as useful as harmful to personal effectiveness.

Translation Article Eight Tips to Find Your Information Oasis

Age of the Internet allows us to receive daily infinite amount of information, and in some cases it may not be as useful as harmful to personal effectiveness. The reasons are very simple - in addition to the useful information we consume an incredible amount of information "garbage" and to highlight something really valuable, sometimes you need a lot of time and effort. It blurs the head and reduces efficiency. What to do? In everyday life we ​​call the right people in the removal of construction debris, for example, but the garbage in the head, we will have to cope on their own.

Information debris

Such an accurate comparison puts AK Doyle into the mouth of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, "... it seems to me that the human brain is like a little empty attic, which you can arrange as you want. Fool nataschili to any junk, which comes handy and useful, necessary things have nowhere to stick, or, at best, to them amidst all this the dam and not dig. A sensible person carefully selects what he put into his brain attic. He will only tools you'll need it to work, but they will be set, and all he expanded in perfect order. In vain people think that this little room, elastic walls and can stretch as much as necessary. I assure you that the time will come when buying new, you will not forget that some of the former ».

Right "beat" their "attic" and get rid of the debris of the information to try these tips:

1. Minimize the consumption of news
News - the most "littered" type of information. How to get rid of this information collected? It should be easy to assess the sober news: they quickly lose relevance. 99% of what you read in the news today, it is absolutely unimportant in a couple of years, and even after a hundred years of these events do not remember. They are too overloaded with unnecessary details. Reading headers is enough.

2. History and news?
Instead, the news would be much more useful to use a different kind of information, free of excess litter: history. In the history of dropped just 99% are minor details that make up the daily news; In addition, the story is not pulling out of the context of events, and thus allows to present a complete picture of events.

3. Abandon unnecessary subscriptions
Naturally, in order to prevent your personal information crisis, it is necessary to reduce the flow of information. The best way to do this extra expense subscriptions. Ask yourself, how often do you have to read a particular blog? It brings you to read it any good, or just time consuming, taking away from the really necessary?

Quotes - the type of information that has a high intellectual density. They always give a lot of food for thought. We can say that this information is in its pure form.

5. Read not greater than necessary
This is the main key to effective reading. Why clutter up the brain with unnecessary information, leaving less and less room for useful? To effectively read the most important thing - to set a clear goal, before taking over the search for information. A clear goal helps to highlight important.

6. Hunting for ideas
Another way to effectively search for information - the persecution facing the ideas of those who really can improve your life. All other thoughts just take up space "in the attic", displacing what is really valuable.

7. Check the e-mail no more than twice a day
Email - a real "garbage disposal" online information (information litter). Permanent view mailbox distracting from work, so it is best to set yourself a certain period, during which you will not be distracted by mail.

8. Do not feel sorry for the unnecessary information
Not wanting to sometimes "let go" useless but amusing thought, you do not notice how they lead you further away from the desired topic. In the end, you discover that he spent a lot of time completely unnecessary things to you miss something important. Without any pity leave unnecessary links, searching for something sensible - they are sure will lead you far astray.

9. Get out of the social networks in general
It may even be removed from the social networks of his life and never for them not to come? You will really private life. Your attitude towards life will improve. The work will be more productive. Your career could be better.


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