10 morning desires or the art of "want to" correct

I'll start with the main: the Word has the power and authority! It is an axiom, and to prove it is not necessary. Therefore, we take this statement as a basis and learn to "choose the right." To our desires need to be filled:

firstly, to want and wish

secondly, to understand yourself and to keep track of: what do you REALLY want


I have a rule: every morning when I wake up, I am sending to the universe of his 10 "I want to!". Just list the pleasure and folded fingers. Desire varied. From "I want Mom to breakfast baked my favorite vertuty", "I want a new nail polish" to "I want to fly into space with astronauts class team" and "I want to win the contest Miss Universe┬╗

. At this moment, "the will," I do not think much about how my desires enforceable. I am happy to play this game. I allow myself to want! No analysis can, can not, without the possibility-it is impossible. What is called, I allow myself to want to "without a roof." I enjoy the game, tracking your mood today. In front of me a day to realize their desires.

And the first thing I'm sending you my message across - learn WANT

Speak your desires! Allow yourself to "let go of the brain" and wish the most incredible! After asking a question of the universe - you are sure to get an answer. Wish!

Keep track of what you desire to repeat often

And perhaps every morning. You can not keep track of pronouncing desire verbally write. Thus, you will have an understanding of what is asked darling. To strive for. Make a note of this desire to separate. Look at him.

What do you feel about you written? How is this reflected in your heart? How resonates with your inner world with your state today. Please note that it is today, because all that matters: the conscious state here and now

That's our true desires are born. What we really want. I repeat that we really want. As the saying goes: "To want - is not harmful. Harmful not want. ┬╗

Here it is also important to learn how to pronounce his desire

The space works magically. It understands everything in his own way. And it needs to clearly and correctly and is very accessible to formulate queries.

When my clients during a psychotherapy session start talking confusing, difficult, common phrases, then I've got a great reception. I say: "Imagine that my 5 years. Explain that this is what you just said the five-year child so that he understood. ┬╗

I share this magical technique with you. It works well for many situations. Excellent work and if you make a wish. In order to understand yourself, explain yourself, what you really want as if it is telling the kid. It works! Immediately there is clarity of the wording, clarity of thought, depth of expression and understanding - and that if I wanted to


And talk about what you want

In the literal sense of the word. The phrase "I do not want to be plagued with failures" will work exactly the opposite. As you know - the universe does not hear pieces of "no". Therefore, I repeat, you say what you want. "I want to be successful and lucky" - it is right. Focus attention on a desire, rather than on the negative. WORKING! Retrieved on itself.

And now, we come to where we started - how to properly formulate their wishes, so that they will certainly come true

. The word has power and authority. Keep this in mind. The way you articulate desire, depends what you get in the end. It is an axiom, and this phenomenon is already quite well known. Correctly formulate desires when zagadyvanii really important, so now I will tell about all the nuances, or desire can be fulfilled exactly as it was make come true - but, alas, with lots of side effects

. It seems, well, that is complicated: wanted - put forth. Then why did you end up not getting what they wanted and make come true?

So, how to make a wish?

How to choose the right words, to desire fulfilled? After all, the word - is the key to the universe

. Read, if you have not read a work of Hans Christian Andersen "galoshes happiness." It pretty clearly shows how closely you need to treat your thoughts and tells what happened to the person who performed every wish that comes to mind. The result was sad - he died. Therefore, once more and more I write about that word has a power and authority! Use this power and authority necessary to carefully, skillfully, giving a full account of his thoughts and the spoken word.

Example! My close friend in me repeating his cherished desire for a month: "I want to lose weight!". She talked about his desire to the left and to the right. "Fix" right idea. Her wish came true - she still lost weight ... ... ill with pneumonia and a half months of treatment - skin and bones. Even I had to recruit. An elementary example, but it is very bright and clearly shows that the desire must be able to think!

Therefore, follow the algorithm presented below, and then everything will be executed exactly as you want it!

Desire. 10 morning of desire, uttered with confidence and with a fuse, will teach you want and enjoy it.

Keep track of those desires that are repeated often. If you fly into space and eat a piece of snake you appear very rarely, then let them go into the wild universe. But if the desire is repeated day after day, it is a signal - that's it! Here is what I want really.

Formulate your message across to the Universe just use the chip about 5 years.

Talk about what you want to get, not what you want to avoid. Particles "no" the universe does not hear.

Beware of words when you say the desire. Specify themselves. Formulate as easy as possible and sharper. All brilliant - easy. All banal - works. Desire, and so let your desires are, firstly, the Universe heard. And, secondly, to be heard right! And certainly fulfilled!

Author: Ksenia Taylor


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