The coolest student hostel in the world

Call this beauty "dorm" - do not dare. These things is a hostel for students in Ørestad - a new district of Copenhagen in Denmark. called - Campus Tietgen and a round residential building with impressive size yard. The building was built in 2006. On seven floors are 360 ​​rooms, occupying a total area of ​​26,800 to
im The round shape of the building - a symbol of equality and unity.

In the courtyard of the hostel visible dwellings cuisine as if hung in the air. The windows of all 360 rooms and go outside to the courtyard of the building. Kitchen plays an important role in the hostel. Total building 30 spacious kitchens - one for every 12 rooms. Each kitchen is equipped with 4 fridges, 2 stoves and all necessary cooking appliances. In kitchens and a dining room with colorful chairs.

Room with one bedroom has an area of ​​26-33 square meters The building also has 30 rooms with two bedrooms (for couples and students who need extra space) area of ​​45 sq.m. All rooms have a similar layout, as if they were pieces of cake - the widest wall - extreme.
All rooms are part of a large window that opens onto a balcony or veranda. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet with heated floors, toilet and shower. For each block allocated as a common room, where they can gather all the inhabitants of the block, and the hostel in general.

The hostel has received many awards, including as the best building for the students!


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