10 facts about the boundaries of countries, states and continents, where the strange

Our planet is divided into states and countries, among which are clearly defined boundaries. However, clearly, they are not always marked. In some countries at the borders do not understand what's going on! < Website invites you on a fascinating journey along the boundaries of nations and states. Rest assured: these boundaries you have not seen!

Play volleyball (the border between Mexico and the United States) h2>

Each year, Americans living in the area Naco (Arizona), play with the citizens of Mexico volleyball. And this would not be surprising if these matches volleyball net is not served fence serving dividing line between the United States and Mexico He, incidentally, was built only ten years ago. Prior to that, the citizens of both countries can freely cross the border at this point.

snowmobiling (the border between Norway and Sweden) h2>

On the border of Sweden and Norway is impressive snowmobile trails, attract fans vivid sensations from all over the world.

Right on The above photo is Norway. In this country, snowmobiling sake of entertainment is prohibited by law. Left - Sweden. There is a legal activity.

Change to drive on the left hand (the Lotus Bridge on the border between Macau and China) h2>

Macau - a small autonomous territory, a part of the People's Republic of China. Here, as in Hong Kong, adopted left-hand traffic. In essence, this means that people traveling from Macao to other parts of China, where it is assumed right-hand traffic, are required to get to the other side of the road. At the same time they do not even leave the country.

For this purpose, the engineers designed and built the Lotus Bridge. It connects Macao with the mainland. Driving along it, the drivers are automatically rebuilt from the left side of the road on the right, or vice versa. To do this, they do not even have to stop!

play golf (the border between Sweden and Finland) h2>

The golf club "Tornio" is a unique field, some holes which is located in Finland and the other part - in Sweden. It is cut in half Tornio River, which at this point is the boundary between the Nordic countries.

This field is located in the Arctic Circle. Therefore, in the midst of the golf season, to coincide with the polar day, you can play at any time of the day in the light of the sun's rays.

Playing baseball, hit the ball to another country (the US-Canadian and US-Mexican borders) h2> The famous American blogger Craig Robinson decided to investigate the baseball field in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

He was surprised to find that some of them when the ball bounce can fly over the field, fly across the state border and land in the territory of a neighboring country.

In total, Canada has two of these fields in the United States - only one, but in Mexico - just six!

ride on a boat, to see just 3 countries (the border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil) h2>

Having made a two-hour boat tour or a boat on the river Iguazu, you will get a unique chance to see the sights, called "Three Borders". At this point, the river separates Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. By the way, on the way back you will have the opportunity to transfer to the other excursion boat floats under the complex Iguazu Falls - one of the largest on the planet.

See kissing statues of dinosaurs (the border between Mongolia and China) h2>

On the Mongolian-Chinese border, tourists can see two huge statues brontosauruses stretched neck and clung to each other as if they want to kiss.

The small town of Erenhot, located near the place, known for being in the vicinity of the archaeologists find many fossils of dinosaurs. The area was discovered and the largest in all of Asia, the skeleton of a prehistoric lizard. In addition, it is perfectly preserved.

Besides the picturesque boulevard, Erenhot offers guests a large dinosaur museum and theme park called "Neverland dinosaurs." Interestingly, the statue on the border of kissing brontosauruses built as recently as the end of 2007.

Create a huge picture in the field (the border between Ukraine and Poland) h2>

In May 2011, the festival land art-known Polish artist Jaroslav Kozyar self-created on a big field, through which the border of Poland and Ukraine, a huge picture of a fish. His painting symbolizes the unity between the two nations. Jaroslav tried to focus people's attention on the fact that the for the nature and culture of the states set no geopolitical boundaries simply do not exist

Enter the house belonging to two countries (the border between Belgium and the Netherlands) h2>

Directly on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, between the municipality Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau community, located the house, its outstanding from two different locations in these neighboring countries. On it, by the way, there are two doorbells - one for residents of Belgium, the second - for the Dutch. The owners of the house, going to work that morning, can decide, on the territory of the country is better to make the first step.

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