Experiments with liquid nitrogen, plastic bottles and balls for table tennis


On channel simple science appeared heading "Simple science experiments" that we have created together with the channel Nauka 2.0 . With me is heading Anton Wojciechowski , author and presenter of EXperimenty.

We decided to start with liquid nitrogen as the most interesting and spectacular at the same time component for many experiments. For the experiments we filled Dewar flask with liquid nitrogen, and took a few plastic bottles, garden plastic barrel and 5000 balls for table tennis. And with all these simple belongings out into the yard.

We wanted to find out h4>

  • How soon will break the plastic bottle if it pour liquid nitrogen and tightly close the lid?
  • Where in the bottle is broken: in the neck or the very body of the bottle?
  • What will break the bottle, filled with liquid nitrogen, half or a quarter?
  • If the bottle with liquid nitrogen to cover the keg?
  • What will be, if the barrel to put a bottle of liquid nitrogen and sleep tennis balls? four hours was able to get answers to all the questions. And at the same time and remove a small video clip about it.

    Experiment №1: liquid nitrogen and plastic bottles h5>

    In plastic bottle of mineral water is poured 200 ml of liquid nitrogen and tighten cap.

    Bottle ripped through after about 4 minutes. 3 identical experiment was carried out, the time ranged from 3:40 to 4:00 minutes. Error between the experiment were probably due to different amounts of nitrogen, and because of the difference in time between pouring nitrogen and tightening the lid.

    Experiment №2: Two plastic bottles and different amounts of liquid nitrogen in each h5>

    In two identical plastic bottles poured different amounts of liquid nitrogen. The first was about half a second - fifth part.

    Bottle with a large quantity of liquid nitrogen blown faster, but not by much. The second exploded in just a few seconds. Perhaps a second hurried blast wave from the first bottle.

    Experiment №3: plastic bottle with liquid nitrogen and a garden on top of the barrel h5>

    As in the first experiment, we filled the bottle with liquid nitrogen, screw the lid and cover with plastic barrel garden.

    The explosion of the bottle, barrel and jumped up off the ground a few tens of centimeters. With that, the barrel is quite heavy.

    In the future it will be possible to try to make a cardboard barrel-shaped rocket, wrap it with tape (as advised by one of our viewers) and try to start up this design.

    Experiment №4: plastic bottle with liquid nitrogen, barrel and 5000 balls ping pong h5>

    In the garden a barrel put a bottle with liquid nitrogen, and filled all the balls for table tennis.

    Due to the fact that the bottle was in the barrel and around the beads were time to failure increased by more than 2-fold and was about 9 minutes. The experiment was conducted two times in a row. In the first case we put on the bottle bottom of the barrel, while the latter is put. This affected the height of the jump barrels:
    • bottle standing in a barrel - 1 meter;
    • recumbent bottle in a barrel - 3 meters. one of the previous posts we showed a video with a similar experiment that failed. There we have a barrel to break. But now we can say with certainty why: barrel was of fragile plastic. And the time to explosion in the last time it was much more - 15 minutes. My opinion is that the time elapsed between filling bottles with liquid nitrogen and closing the lid, it was enough to bottle and cooled nitrogen ceased so hard boil (the transition from liquid to gaseous state).

      If anyone has some interesting ideas for experiments of this kind of subjects, please leave them in the comments!

      A book with a child's experience h4>
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      Source: habrahabr.ru/company/gtv/blog/196468/


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