Simple Science - digest experiments # 30


In parallel with the work on the third book we continue to take tests and today I present another digest "Simple Science».

In this issue:
light matches ferry (Channel "Science 2.0»); Artificial snow from diapers (Channel "Science 2.0»); The Secret balls (channel "Simple Science »); The salty ice (channel" Simple Science »); Cola and milk (from the second book" Simple Science »).

light matches ferry h5>

Artificial snow from diapers h5>

Secret balls h5>
These bulbs are sold in garden stores and are used as humectants soil for houseplants. This, in essence, the same sodium polyacrylate of diapers (see. Previous experience). But we wondered how to behave in this material if it is not just plunge into the water. What we have - look at the video and in the final table of this experience.

Salty ice h5>

Ice temperature can be between 0 degrees (Celsius) and below 0 degrees when the ice starts to melt. When we add salt, it lowers the freezing point, and ice begins to melt. Strand at this point is immersed in the water formed. The more water is formed, the lower the salt concentration and the higher the temperature of freezing. Gradually thread are frozen in ice cube.

It is to reduce the temperature of the water freezing in the winter roads are sprinkled table salt or special reagents.

Cola and milk h5>
This wonderful experience we assembled in a Chinese movie and decided to include it in our book for children.

Books "Simple Science» h4>

Books can be bought in our online store . Now available the first two volumes, the third a little delayed with the publication, but the other day we present you a few turns.



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