Simple Science - digest experiments # 37

On Geektimes this is our first post and, as before on Habre , with experiments and experiments.

In today's issue:
chemical reaction "golden rain»; Kipp's apparatus and the production of hydrogen; spy monitor; Video from filming the program "EXperimenty" Science Channel 2.0.

Chemical Reaction "golden rain» h4>

Kipp's apparatus and the production of hydrogen h4>

Kipp's apparatus - a universal device for gas action of acids and alkalis on solids. Experience shows the production of hydrogen by a chemical reaction of hydrochloric acid with zinc.

Spy monitor h4> < br />
This unit we made based on the most popular post Habré.

Video from filming the program "EXperimenty" Science Channel 2.0 h4>

The theme of the "water" and Anton set the task to show clearly how the water pipe breaks. Of all the samples, this option was the most spectacular in terms of filming. Certainly, in the real world in the cold pipes are broken not so hard. But on television this version looks much more spectacular.

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