Scientific and educational comics for children

In May this year, we have illustrated a small informative articles for children. As a result, we get a small scientific comics of three parts. We so enjoyed this unexpected result, we tried to draw one more purposefully. Then another. And now we have five of these comics. Now we are trying to produce new every Tuesday.

About diamonds h5>

About Sharks h5>

About termites h5>

About warts h5>

And we have on the agenda is the challenge to come up with the name of the character for a children's book with the scientific and cognitive experience. Book plan to release in September this year - come up, we make up, check, claim, arguing, for finalizing. Everything themselves. And, if possible, involve all interested and creative people. For example, right now there is a competition for the best name for this book learning, which call to take part and you. Their options may be left in the comments to this topography or FaceBook page.

That's one of the turns of the book:

At the end of the book is a section on "why it happensĀ».

To experiments in young readers are sure to get to the book will be attached DVD-ROM with video - a visual aid, and what to do. Here's a sample video:

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions how to make the book even more interesting will be very glad to hear them! Thanks in advance;)



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