10 comics that remembered us this year

We love comics - funny, vital, witty and those that make you think. In some of them we recognized themselves, some simply amuse us and lifted us up.

Website has decided to recall the 10 comics that are most pleased us in the past year.

Comics for those who understand this crazy world h3>

John Atkinson (John Atkinson) - a brilliant illustrator who creates a witty comics on the topic of the day. His illustrations that nearly every person living in the era of the Internet and social networks.

Here's what it is worth remembering before you judge others h3>

Australian illustrator Toby Morris (Toby Morris) - the author of the comic book that reminds us that not everyone in life has the same opportunities as we do. The story is about two people who were born in different families, and of the role played by their loved ones in their lives.

Comics about how hard being a parent h3>

Brian Gordon (Brian Gordon) - artist and dad. He knew all the details of parenting in their own skin. Therefore, his comic turn as accurate and truthful - many mothers and fathers recognize situations that fall every day.

Comics about what being a girl h3>

In a woman's life that just does not happen: the sad and funny and ridiculous. Illustrator Sara Anderson (Sarah Andersen) was able to reflect all this in their comic books, and we have collected and translated the most truthful of them.

witty caricatures of our lives h3>

Olga Gromova - Moscow artist. She illustrates books and magazines, and in his free time drawing cartoons of the most pressing issues. They can be easily found if you do not yourself, friends, family or even your boss.

Ironic comics about how the modern world is arranged h3>

Writer Michael Wolfe (Mikael Wulff) and artist Anders Morgenthaler (Anders Morgenthaler) provide truthful, funny and always ironic cartoons about everything that is happening around us.

Witty Comics Tango with an unexpected finale h3>

Tango - the author who creates a very simple, but at the same time very unusual and funny comics. It's amazing how rich his imagination and how he managed to look at ordinary things from a very different, unexpected for all parties.

Funny sketches directly from the life h3>

Artist Kirill Anastasin making funny sketches about different situations and all that surrounds us. He calls them to a fun word "komikaki", which means "any comicsĀ».

Comics who understand all cat owners h3>

Cats most strange creatures. Trying to understand them is useless, therefore it is easy to take them and love with all the oddities. And each situation of this collection surely are familiar to any cat owner.

The Cats differ from dogs h3>

We all know that cats - arrogant and lazy fluffy, and the dog - playful and irrepressible merry. The aptly and wittily noticed these differences in their works a talented artist Bird Born.

Illustration on preview: Tango

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