10 comics that pleased us in 2014

We love different comic books - many of them have a good panache and an interesting plot. Therefore, throughout the year, we introduce you to a variety of authors. Some of the comics, we recognized themselves, some simply amuse us and lifted us up.

Website has decided to recall the 10 comics that are most pleased us in the past year.

Witty Comics Tango

Tango - the author of a simple but at the same time is very unusual and witty comic. It's amazing how rich his imagination and how he manages to look at many things a completely different angle.

Good comics Lunarbaboon

Lunarbaboon - is the character of comics, which the author was drawing to himself and his son's restless. It is a way of life peculiar to most people. But most importantly - he loves his family.

The truth about girls from Little Shi

Charming plump with tassels on the ears came up with a perm designer Lesya Guseva, depicting it myself, but tens of thousands of young ladies from the network found in Shi and its features. Little Chi, like many girls, loves coffee, sleeping, lazy and cakes. And does not love those who offend.

Cute comic Liz Klimo

Illustrator Liz pre - Honored Artist of the series The Simpsons. And in his spare from the little family of Homer Simpson while she draws here are the charming comics animals with a simple, but bright humor.

Recent Comics by John Atkinson

Despite the fact that Canadian Blog illustrator John Atkinson called "the wrong hands» (Wrong hands), with hands this guy obviously all right: his comics are always concise and accurately traced. But, more importantly, they are really clever and cover topics that are close to each person living in the era of the Internet and social networks.

Nastenkiny komiksy

Comics painted on brown wrapping paper, two years walking across the network and delight readers. But few know that their author - 19-year-old Nastya Lemova, sweet girl from Syktyvkar, which is not a day can not live without painting. Her life, sarcastic, sometimes very philosophical subjects comprehensible to everyone, so rather quickly won the sympathy of the audience.

Adventures business cat Tom Fondera

We all know that cats are not only tender and fluffy, but also very intelligent and clever animals. So smart that probably could organize their business. Business for catching mice, for example. Or open a fish shop.
The author of these comics, too, once thought about what would happen if an ordinary cat became a businessman.

Comics Thani Tavlla lifting nastroeniya

About the only one either draws Tanya: about the most lovely-sheep misanthrope in the world, about deadlines and about each of us as a whole. And it is obtained simply amazing. That is why we can not miss virtually no Tannin masterpiece, without showing it to you.

"Unfunny" comic artist Yoshi Sauer

Yosha Sauer - the author of the comic book series, which he himself described as "unfunny" - simply because it doubted whether he would understand the humor around. It turned out that they understood and liked it very much. His heroes - people, animals, imaginary creatures, and even death, which is going through a midlife crisis. Describes the situation most absurd, and this is built on humor comics.

The funniest book about depression

Depression - a very nasty and vile disease. And if someone in your family or you were themselves the victim, you need to know what to do to overcome this disease. Sasha Skochilenko drew wonderful comics which demonstrated that depression is and how to get rid of it. Nice and easy.

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