30 magical plans for December

The first snow fell confident, crunching under their feet, and in the air in winter and the approach of the most favorite and long-awaited holiday.

Website likes New Year, preparing for it and proposes to create an atmosphere of festive mood long before its onset.

In December, it is necessary to light the candles - to scare away the thickening darkness outside the window. Fragrant white and simple, in sconces and just - if only it was a living flame, just not to the streets crawled with black piping ice-cold. Buy candles with winter scents of cinnamon, spruce, apple.

Feed tits and other small birds. You can do for them trough.

bake homemade cookies, tie it with ribbons and treat colleagues, guards at work, hairdresser, masseur, administrators in those places where you often - in general, all of whom will bring fate prednovogode.

To decorate the Christmas tree. Hang on the most prominent place the most beautiful toy, epitomizes what is going to happen in the new year. devised a plan long January weekend, and if they need tickets, buy them in advance. Engage its beauty. Month - sufficient time for the massage course, for a series of masks, creams, peels.

Arrange an evening with friends, painting pine cones. They make wonderful Christmas decorations, especially if taken for finishing varnish with sparkles. Tat Christmas garlands of paper - chains, those children chain. Connect to this fellow.

Draw the windows apartments snowflakes can be one each day. Buy a lot of mandarins, come early to the office and put them in different places. < br />

Buy a bag of sweets, dress up Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden and treat strangers on the street. Cut lots of confetti and leave it wherever you go. This can be done from mid-December - let everyone will have the Christmas mood.

Go to the Organ Christmas Concert. Decorate with all the plants in the house, so they would not hurt that one tree is so beautiful.

Buy small presents for the elderly in a nursing home or for orphans from the orphanage. Typically, these gifts on New Year centrally collected by volunteers, addresses easy to find on the Internet. Buy gifts for the New Year, each beautifully wrapped and sign.

Take a walk in the evening under the slowly falling snow and catch mouth snowflakes. Make Christmas wreath on the door and hang it. < br />

Perform the longest and darkest night of the year with your loved ones. Go to the movie theater on Christmas cartoon. For example, on December 31 in the morning - why not?

Be Like the antique shops and flea markets in search of Santa Claus from a child. Add the ginger, cinnamon, cloves, not just cookies, but also in meat, spaghetti, mulled wine, tea. < /

Shopping, looking at Christmas toys, and be sure to buy a ball of snow. Skating with friends.

Go with your friends-friends in the bath, and after a hot steam to jump into the snow. Send Christmas cards to friends in other cities and countries.

to sit down and write a report for the year. Details, raising all the records in social networks. You will see how many cool cases happened to you, and you already forgotten. Go to the Christmas photo shoot. It can be in the photo studio, and you can just take pictures in the snow.

New Year's Eve to find 10 minutes, sit down, breathe and enjoy the moment, to feel it, to feel your emotions, your body and smile at what is happening. And let everything will be fine!

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