7 good reasons to embrace more often

In today's world we are exposed to stress in different ways and try to resist them. One of the most simple and accessible - ordinary hug. Scientific studies have proven that they are acting on us relaxing and makes you happy.

Website 7 tell about the reasons why you should embrace each other as often as possible.

1. Raising the spirit h3> Just one hug at the right time can change for the better day and a beneficial effect on human behavior. Hugging, we share positive emotions not only helps those who need it, but they themselves being charged with positive energy.

2. Pain relief h3> While hugs the body releases the hormone oxytocin, which basically helps the body to reduce the woman's feeling of pain during childbirth. Hugging, people forget about what causes them pain and concentrate on what is happening at the moment, and generally on the positive side of life.

3. Reduced pressure h3> Not only your mind but also your whole body benefits from the embrace. When you embrace, your skin receptors send signals to the brain via the nerves. The feeling of security is transferred throughout the body, heart rhythm calms down and normalizes blood pressure.

4. Healthy Heart h3> Studies have shown that people who avoid contact with loved ones, or for a long time not seen them, quickens the heartbeat compared with their normal state. And those people who regularly embraced with loved ones, the heart, on the contrary, was beating in a quiet rhythm, which increases their chances of a long and happy life.

5. Raising self-esteem h3> While growing embrace of our self-esteem and become less important to the opinions of others. Fears are beginning to worry much less, because the people who embrace a more positive attitude towards life in general. This mechanism is in action can be seen on the example of a child who hugs favorite teddy bear and immediately calms down, to feel safe. Such a reaction is inherent in us at the level of instincts, and even when we do not realize this, it helps us in different situations.

6. The harmonious development of children h3> From birth hugs help children grow up healthy and happy. The more emotional support we provide to children, the more psychologically stable, they are at an older age. Studies have shown that between the number of hugs a child and the ability of adults to cope with stressful situations and build relationships with other people, there is a direct link. Hug your children often - it is useful for all.

7. A healthy nervous system h3> Hugs have a calming effect, and is useful not only for the heart, but also for our nervous system. Hugging each other, we relax the nerves and relieves stress, which is sometimes so complicated our lives.

Do not forget to hug often: hugs are free, available to everyone and very helpful. Go out and hug someone already! H3>

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