10 good reasons for daily records

1. Drain stress on paper. The expression of his own thoughts through writing is a kind of therapy. Problems, thoughts, memories fill your mind. “A reprimand”, put all your troubles under a paperweight: the paper can endure.

2. Clean the mind. Writing down all the thoughts and plans that called for you in a day, you'll be able to free your mind to new ideas. In addition, unformed thoughts on paper easier to organize.

3. Improve your writing skills. The daily record is a daily training. The more you write, the better you do, the easier it is for you to Express your thoughts.


4. Earn. Writing today is popular, journalistic and even more. Went to a new restaurant? Write down your impressions and give the material in the local newspaper. Maybe you'll like it and you will enjoy related constantly.

5. Focus. Instead of during the day to focus on a million messages in ICQ, Twitter and social networks, just try to take some notes. In the evening you will drive them to several good theses, and, if necessary, put in your blog.

6. Improve your communication skills. Written speech develops speech interpretation. Language tools tend to simplify, the Internet requires us short, and now we notice that it is often difficult to articulate out loud what I think. The diary helps to get rid of tongues.

7. Find out what you want. Many people suffer from internal disharmony. They fail to understand what they really want in life. Records give you the opportunity to revisit your past thoughts, to reassess goals and plans, to understand in which direction you have to move.

8. Develop analytical thinking. When you Express thoughts on paper, you have to give them some form. You learn to build a line of narration and also to finish the story any conclusion. This brings up in you a habit to analyze the situation before starting to act.


9. Take a break from civilization. The age of technology is incredibly tiring. Everything that can be done on the computer we are trying to do on the computer. We are trying to relieve yourself from effort with the help of advances in technology. Touching these forgotten and simple things like a pen and paper, helps to stop, take a breath, feel alive, and the world will make real.


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10. Get to know yourself. Times are changing rapidly and we change with them. In two months you will not remember about those fears, doubts, beliefs that are relevant to you at the moment. Don't remember, if not just read your notes. We often repeat: “It's not peculiar to me”, “I could never do that”, “I wouldn't consider it”. In fact, your diary will help you to first know yourself. The motives behind your actions, perceived goal, the evolution of ideas – it's all your invaluable experience, Assembly mistakes, which you learn.published


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