10 good reasons to embrace more often

As it turned out, hugging - this is not only pleasant but also useful! Multilateral positive effect on the body and human psyche has long been studied and proven by scientists.

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Embrace that last 20 seconds or longer, have a therapeutic effect which has a positive effect on our body and helps fight disease.

Embrace give support and care, and thus help to avoid the desire to compensate for the lack of love and fill the void with delicious food.

Reducing stress and inflammatory processes in the body slows down the natural aging process.

Embrace improve mood and energize, necessary for a fruitful day.

The body, charged with positive energy, certainly easy to overcome all difficulties and find a way out of difficult situations.

During the embrace is an active secretion of the hormone oxytocin, which fills us with joy and strengthens the emotional attachment between the partners.

Hugs not only reduce the synthesis of the stress hormone cortisol, but also increase the secretion of serotonin, which is associated with improved mood and sense of happiness. All this leads to calm the nervous system and improves the emotional background.

Embrace calming effect not only on the heart, and the nervous system. Hugging each other, we relax the nerves and remove accumulated tension and stress.

During the embrace, we feel safe. Fears bother us much less, as well as the opinions of others. Such a reaction is inherent in our instinctual level, and even when we do not realize this, it helps us in different situations.

Embrace - a universal way to express in any language, care, love and support for a loved one

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