16 good reasons to love Australia from afar

Various landscape, unique nature and unusual animals in Australia attract many tourists. But let us face the truth: this country is better to love from afar.

The website found for you 16 reasons why a visit to the southern continent can become a serious trial for you.

In Australia anything can grow to incredible sizes. Even mol

In short, everything what has wings, can reach the size of a pterodactyl

But not all winged creatures can fly. Maybe that's why the EMU is so unhappy?

And nowhere else in the world will you find such diversity of arthropods

Spiders β€” just one of the reasons why living in Australia will not please everyone. There are still crocodiles

As well as other creatures. For example, the Koala. It is clearly up to something

There are even shoes to wear unsafe. And suddenly it someone settled?

After all, cute little animals can settle wherever they want

Absolutely everywhere. Yes, the postman was already used to it

Not all dangers come from the fauna. Flora in Australia can literally knock you off your feet

Caution: falling coconuts.

However, the weather could easily do the same

Here's what a typical street fight:

But all this can not afford to scare hospitable Australians

They won't refuse to sleep,

the Breakfast

and water procedures

So don't listen to alarmists and feel free to travel. Not everything in Australia wants to kill you!

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