16 simple rules of Chinese medicine for maintaining health.

In the East, believe that it is much easier to stay healthy and not to restore it later. Therefore, all are taught from childhood to carry out these 16 simple rules to maintain health.

These rules are practiced even during the Ming Dynasty.

Here is an excerpt from the treatise of those times: "We have often combing your hair, rub a person to exercise the eyes, rattling their ears, rattling teeth, licking the palate, swallowing saliva, exhale stagnant air, massaging his stomach, squeeze the anus, shaking limbs, rubbing the soles of the feet, rub the skin keep warm in the back, the chest should be covered, you should always keep silent when the shit ".

Let's look at each of these points more.

Rule 1. More often comb the hair

Bend your fingers and use them as a comb. Comb the hair from the forehead to the nape.
Follow about 100 of these movements. Movements should be slow and gentle.
This exercise stimulates and massages and massaging the energy points of the head, relieves pain, improves vision, reduces blood pressure.
The result will be better if you do exercise in the morning.

RULE 2. Most rubbing face

Heat the palm of your hand, so that they become warm, bring them to litsu- so that the middle fingers touch the sidewalls of the nose. Since the energy points in-hsiang (see the figure below, where those terms) gently rub the skin, moving up to the forehead, and then in hand, going to the cheeks.
Do 30 of these movements, preferably in the morning.
Exercise refreshes his head and lowers blood pressure. It helps against wrinkles.
By the way, massage these points helps with colds.

RULE 3.Chasche exercise eyes.

Slowly turn the eyeballs from left to right (14 times), and then from right to left (14 times). Close your eyes and open them sharply.
This exercise improves vision, as well as a beneficial effect on the liver.

RULE 4. Most klatsat teeth
First 24 times poklatsayte molars, then 24 times front.
This exercise strengthens the teeth, including enamel.

RULE 5. Most rattling ears

Close the ears with his hands 12 times and knock the three middle fingers of each hand on the head.
Then, pressing the middle finger, flip them over the head with a characteristic sound. Make as 12 times.
Do it in the morning or when you feel tired.
Exercise helps with tinnitus, dizziness and ear infections. Improves hearing and memory.

RULE 6. Most licking palate.

When you touch the tip of the tongue of the upper palate, there are yin and yang.
Licking palate, focus all attention on the space under the tongue and feel the gradually accumulated saliva.

RULE 7. Most swallow saliva.

When you lick the upper palate of the mouth gradually accumulated saliva.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the saliva is of great importance. It is called "liquid gold" treasure body.
When you swallow the saliva, it lubricates the internal organs, limbs and moisturizes the hair, helps digestion and absorption of nutrients, improves the stomach and intestines.
When the mouth is filled with saliva, inflate the cheeks 36 times rinse your mouth with saliva, then swallow it with a gurgling sound, mentally directing it to dantan below the navel.

RULE 8. Most stagnant air to breathe.

Hold your breath and inflate the chest and abdomen.
When you feel that the chest and stomach filled with air to the limit, then lift his head and opened his mouth slowly exhale stale air.
Repeat 5-7 times.
It cleanses the body of stagnant air, improves breathing, helps with asthma and pains.

RULE 9. Most massage the abdomen.

Rub palm to become warm, place it on the navel (male left arm over the right and women right over the left).
Rub belly expands in a circular motion clockwise (36 laps), then in the opposite direction, gradually reducing the range (also 36 laps).
This exercise improves peristalsis, helps breathing and prevents the stagnation of food in the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion, prevents and cures gastrointestinal disorders.

RULE 10. Most compress ...

Breathe in deeply and strongly squeeze the anal sphincter, lifting it with the crotch.
After a pause, relax and exhale slowly.
Repeat 5-7 times.
Exercise helps to raise the yang-qi, prevents and treats hemorrhoids prolapse ... ... and fistulas.

RULE 11. Most shake the limbs.

Stretch your arms forward, squeeze their fists, and bending at the waist, shoulders, turn left, turn the steering wheel as if the (24 times).
Then do the same from right to left - 24 times. Sit on a chair, his hands tucked under her.
Lift your left foot and slowly straighten it forward (toe converted upwards). When the leg is nearly straight, with moderate strength Pull it forward, abruptly straightening the knee. Then do the same with the right foot.
Repeat 5 times.
Exercise helps to stretch the limbs and joints, to overcome bottlenecks in the meridians and collaterals, prevents and treats diseases of the joints and strengthens the legs.

RULE 12. More often rub the soles of the feet

Washing your feet before going to bed, warm palm rubbing, then begin a slow circular motions to massage the soles of Yongquan point. Make 50 to 100 laps.
This exercise strengthens the kidneys, warms the feet, improves communication between the heart and the kidneys, liver, soothes and improves vision.

RULE 13. More often rub the skin

Preheat the palm rubbing, stroking, and rub the skin on the body in the following sequence: from the point Bai Hui at the top of the head, then the face, shoulders, hands (first left, then right), chest, abdomen, chest on both sides. Then move on to the sides of the waist, and finally on foot (first left. Then the right).
This exercise improves blood circulation and vital energy of qi and polishes the skin.

RULE 14. The back should always be kept warm

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the body has two main channels: Canal think passing along the spine and is the "sea-yang meridians" and zhenmay channel running along the midline of the chest and is the "sea-yin meridians".
Therefore it is important to protect the chest and back to the normal functioning of these meridians.

RULE 15. Chest should always be covered

The importance of the item described in Rule 14.

RULE 16. We must always remain silent when defecate

When the shit, lift the head and keep your mouth shut, not to let go of ourselves is vitally important substance.

All of these exercises are without scientific basis, tested for centuries and therefore widely practiced.
Fulfilling them Stay focused, keep the peace of mind, go slowly and breathe naturally.
Follow these simple rules every day and enjoy your health.


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