(elongated slope with one foot in the "half lotus" option)


1) From a standing position, place of feet at which to begin work on the opposite thigh, in the "half lotusĀ»

2) from behind the foot of the same name capture hand

3) Wave "from the heart" to bend the legs, keeping your back flat

4) Belly try to press tightly against the lower leg bent leg

4) Use the free hand as a support

5) Lift up on the toe

Important! By mastering the asanas better start after you perform confidently uttanasanu and "half lotus" sitting. In case of insufficient "opening" of the hip joints will all load on the knee. It should knee, shoulder and hip joints, respectively, to keep the same level. Try to pull back as much as possible.

Effect: This asana combines stretching the entire back surface of the body and the elaboration of the hip and shoulder joints. Trains balance. It has a powerful tonic effect for the abdominal organs.

Contraindications: Injuries of the knee and lower spine.


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