Simple Science - digest experiments # 32


We finally came to the regularity of the release of new experiments. Now in the week will not leave children, as recently as two classic movie all the usual pattern.

In today's issue:
volcanoes of ammonium dichromate with the addition of magnesium; get the fire of iodine and aluminum; kettle under thermal imager; Chladni plate. < /

volcanoes of ammonium dichromate h4>
The exothermic decomposition reaction of ammonium dichromate to give a chromium oxide. The obtained chromium oxide (III) used in the manufacture of GOI paste. This abbreviation stands for as a "State Optical Institute" (the place where the paste has been developed). Use it for grinding and polishing of glass, metal, ceramics and other materials.

Fire from iodine and aluminum h4>
The catalytic reaction of aluminum with iodine. Water serves as a catalyst. Proceeds rapidly chemical reaction of iodine vapor.

Teapot under imager h4>
No comments.

Chladni Plate h4> < br /> (описание)

Book Three "Simple Science» h4>
 To date, the main unit ready layouts and cover. Remains formal. I'm afraid to think, but I hope that this week the book will be put to the printers.

Buy it can be, as before, in our online store . And if someone else asked the first two volumes, you are welcome!

And again, I invite everyone to my comfortable instagram , where I try to spread every day a couple of interesting video thumbnails. Basically, this video is not included in our main issues, voiceover recording, our tests and experiments. I would be glad if you share your impressions :)



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