"Failed experiment on the set," or a new format clips

Recently we shot experiments for the joint project of channels "simple science" and "science 2.0". I will not yet reveal all the secrets, and show you one of the "failed" experiments. While I personally would not have a bad name. Indeed, without such "failures" can not do, they are an integral and sometimes very spectacular part of any experiment. Here's a piece of insider information, which will not yet aired.

As you can see, the barrel blown to hell. True, I had to wait too long. But it was worth it! ;)
The essence of the experience in the following:
  • pour liquid nitrogen into a plastic bottle;
  • screw cap and place the bottle in a barrel;
  • go to sleep all the balls ping pong;
  • there is an explosion of the bottle;
  • Barrel jumps, and all the balls fly up and then fall to the floor. We get the orchestra falling tennis balls.

    Began to analyze why not stand barrel, and it turned out that she was out of brittle plastic. A still waiting time can be reduced by adding a packet with the hot water in the place drums where the bottle is placed under nitrogen. This will speed up the process of gassing in the bottle.

    We bought a barrel of a soft plastic and decided to repeat the experiment, but without balls. And, you know, really stood the barrel! And the waiting time was reduced from 15 to 5 minutes. Now we are ready for full-scale experiment :). Here's the point:

    Announcement: is now preparing a new transmission, together with Anton Voitsekhovskii channel and "Science 2.0". We are confident that by combining the best of what we have in "simple science" and the best of "Science 2.0", the output will very lively and informative picture. And by the way, this transfer will be the online format;)

    The book is simple science h4>
    And I want to remind about our project to raise funds for the publication of books for children to experience. Before the publication of the second book lacks nothing, and if you have not had time to join us, you can do it right now;)

    By the way, pre-order the book is still open.

    Source: habrahabr.ru/company/gtv/blog/193616/


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