So the hair you have not used! 15 of the most unusual applications.

Who would have thought that an ordinary hair conditioner can safely be used in a variety of household purposes. Today, our editors will tell you how to turn this tool into an indispensable helper on the farm.

How to use balm-conditioner for hair
  1. To protect leather shoes from the destructive action of the snow and salt, it is necessary to RUB shoes with a small amount of hair conditioner.

  2. If your favorite sweater shrunk in the wash, don't worry! You should dissolve a tablespoon of conditioner in a basin with lukewarm water and soak the clothes for 3-5 minutes. Then, you should get the sweater from the water and gently stretch it to its original size.

  3. Now you do not need to spend big money on expensive tools for washing delicates! It is sufficient to dissolve 1 tablespoon of conditioner in a basin with warm water and wash clothes with soap.

  4. Use regular hair conditioner to remove a narrow ring.

  5. If makeup brush has lost its softness, clean them with conditioner.

  6. To soften cuticles, use a small amount of hair conditioner. This tool perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

  7. The conditioner has a light texture so it's easier than many shaving creams. Try this unusual way to use this tool.

  8. The problem of the electrified hair can be solved with a small amount of conditioning. You need to RUB a few drops in the palms and hands to smooth unruly strands.

  9. To safely unravel the terrible tangles in your hair, you have to mix conditioner and water in a ratio of 1: 9. You then put the mixture into a spray bottle and apply the composition on the hair is messy. With the rare need to carefully comb to comb the tangled strands.

  10. If suddenly clogged sewer drain, try pouring a bit of conditioner for the hair and include a strong hot water pressure. Thanks to silicone-based conditioner, garbage can easily slip through the tube.

  11. Hair conditioner is also an excellent remedy for the corrosion of the metal. Apply a thin layer on metal tools to prevent rusting.

  12. This tool can easily replace a bath oil. Adding a few teaspoons of conditioner in the tub, will keep the skin smooth, supple and hydrated.

  13. To painlessly remove a band-aid, it is necessary to impregnate it with a small amount of hair conditioner.

  14. Hair conditioner will help to solve the problem with a broken zipper. It is necessary to apply a drop on the zipper and it will work perfectly.

  15. To the door hinges do not squeak, try lubricating them with a silicone conditioner.

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