The art of landscape design

Since that time, as the people tasted all the delights of country living in mansions, Western-style, masters landscape design specialists in land art (land art) for a long time have become their good friends, helping as possible to the original to make a decorative front lawn and tidy the garden in the back yard. In the West the art of landscape design has leaped forward, and gardens created by such renowned masters as the British architect Charles Jencks (Charles Jencks), can rightly be considered the true masterpieces of modern art worthy to adorn the grounds of the Royal estate.


Landscape designer, architectural critic and a practicing architect Charles Jencks called one of the best contemporary professionals, and his work has repeatedly won first places and won the prestigious prize of the international architectural competitions and festivals. At the time he received the degree of master of arts at Harvard, defended the dissertation on the history of architecture at University College British capital, was the author of an extensive monograph entitled "the Language of post-modern architecture", but are no less significant and his achievements in the field of landscape design and land art in General. One of the most outstanding projects in this direction is considered the Garden of Cosmic Speculation ("the Garden of cosmic speculation"), created by the author in Scotland, near the small town of Dumfries. According to the author's intention, this garden represents our universe in miniature.


A key element of an amazing garden-Universe — huge staircase of 25 stairs that mark important milestones in space history. Starting from the top flight, which symbolizes today, visitors pass through 13 billion years of cosmic evolution. Finally, at the bottom of the stairs disappear under the dark water which means the mystery of the origin of the Universe. The same philosophical and profound are other art projects of Charles Jencks, in which he skillfully combines natural terrain with artificial and natural processes with scientific.



One of the last projects designer garden called Northumberlandia (the Northern goddess), located in the North of England. By order of the British coal company, Jenks has created a giant sculpture of the goddess of the earth, which reaches a height of 112 feet, and the length is 1300 feet.

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