Why kefir is dangerous for small children

Many people love yogurt for its taste, many people know about its healthy properties. But few people think about the harm that is imprisoned in this familiar drink.


What is kefir


Homeland of yogurt — North Ossetia. The first description of kefir in Russian medical journals appeared in 1867, as a therapeutic and dietary beverage. And in 1907 the breeder Balandin has established its production.

Kefir is an artificial food product for cooking that use specially bred yeast. It is formed by fermenting milk with kefir fungi. These fungi are a mixture of different microorganisms, including yeast (yogurt = bacteria + milk + yeast).

Kefir is a fermented milk product of double fermentation. In it, in parallel there are two processes of fermentation. One of them is lactic acid fermentation, just as it does in milk. Thanks to this yogurt refers to yogurt products. The second fermentation process — alcohol. We are talking about dairy yeast.

Kefir harmful and dangerous to children


Talk about "bread and causes of alcoholism" to Professor V. G. Zhdanov visiting academician A. Savelova-Deryabin.

The fact that yogurt is a product of double fermentation, dairy and yeast. GOST in the children's yogurt is allowed up to 0.5% alcohol in its manufacture. But when a bottle of yogurt is worth four hours on the windowsill and she's almost always so worth it, the process of fermentation goes on, the percentage of alcohol is increased to 1.5% when the child drank the liquid, his stomach continuing process of fermentation and the concentration reaches 3%.

Now the simple calculation: on the day infants were allocated 600 gr. yogurt in 3% of alcohol is 18 gr. pure alcohol and 60 gr. vodka, i.e. on the day of the child, with the help of yogurt were given 50-60 Gy. vodka.

And the explosion of youth alcoholism has to do with the fact that in the early 60-70s in the cities in baby food introduced here is the "children's yogurt". Example — my eldest daughter, 70-year birthday. It was "kefir addict — to two and a half years I couldn't sleep until she will give a bottle of this yogurt. Drank and fell asleep.

The human body produces internal (endogenous) alcohol, it is necessary for internal processes. By the way, even produces hydrocyanic acid in the brain, but no it does not come to mind that prussic acid from the outside to consume. But if the child is in infancy begins to exogenous (external) alcohol, then he stops the production of inner alcohol and he becomes a potential alcoholic, that is, it is ultimately rather go to the Bank with a beer than a glass of water to quench your thirst.

An experiment at the time, spent on rats. Rats were fed with beer, then stopped, then they grew up. When they put two cups — one with beer, the other water — those who are fed beer, ran to the water, and the rest ran to the beer. The rats became addicted, they did not have enough internal (endogenous) alcohol...


Several other non-literal theses about kefir from a conversation with Professor V. G. Zhdanov visiting academician A. Savelova-Deryabin.


Every trucker knows that dyhnuv in the tube after drinking a bottle of yogurt, the test will show the presence of alcohol. Under appropriate conditions in kefir may contain up to 11% alcohol.

Constant consumption of yogurt can promote alcoholic consumption, because the consumption of alcohol, even in small amounts inhibits the production of domestic alcohol (very little is needed by the body), which in turn leads to a predisposition to alcoholism because the body becomes need of external alcohol.


Why yogurt is not suitable for babies?


In yogurt:

  • a lot of casein (crude protein), which is composed to absorb the newborn,
  • amino acid composition does not match breast milk mom
  • fatty composition is not sufficiently diverse,
  • the ratio of fatty acids is not physiologic for the body of the baby,
  • carbs are not like carbohydrates of breast milk,
  • a lot more than in human milk, mineral salts.

Therefore, the load on the excretory and digestive system of the baby is more important than breastfeeding.

Despite this, for the feeding of infants often use yogurt already three months. But the digestion of the child not always can cope with this load. The result could be a disruption of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract, the development of anemia (anemia).published


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Alcohol and the human brain


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