How would be lived back, if she had a head

How would be lived back, if she were the head. Much better than it is now.

If the back could dispose of what is usually disposed of by the head arrangement of the workplace, interior design bathroom and toilet, buy furniture in house, the distribution of physical and mental stress — she would have done otherwise.

And would have lived longer. And hurt less.

And with it, much more happy and peaceful life lived to the head. And the whole body too.

First spin would check all surrounding the human material world in compliance with the "rule of elbow".

Any working surface, whether a Desk, keyboard, kitchen worktop, a hob, a bowl of soaked delicate linen, Ironing Board must be positioned so that the hands are lying on top of her, bent at the elbows at an angle of 90 degrees.

No wash, no printing, no Ironing, bent over a table or bathtub in three deaths, is absolutely impossible — surely a reasonable mind is not clear?

The second step, which necessarily would spin, would lead to the construction market. There back would have bought a good expensive MOP (do not wash gender bent!), additional pipes for vacuum cleaner (to vacuum bent also impossible!) and the two chrome bars-grips: one screw to the bathroom near the toilet and another in the bathroom to sit and stand was not loading the spine.

The third step would be made in the side of the bed.

You lie down on it, lifting the higher leg is not a whim and not laziness, it's mandatory rest period for overworked muscles.

And back be sure to set the mode: forty minutes of standing ten minutes of lying, because if you ran all day as usual, in obedience to a restless mind, no ten minutes, even on the beds, even with raised legs from degenerative disc disease will not save you.

Then back again went to the shop for an orthopedic mattress.

Because you need to sleep on it — and a full night's rest.

Back, unlike the head, knows how to distinguish a good mattress from a bad one: take a plastic bottle with water, put it on the mattress and sit at a distance of 35 inches from the bottle. If she didn't fall — the mattress is the most that neither is true.

Arranging your life back would lifestyle.

Only she would have done it wisely — even though not the head.

First, it was examined if the doctors on the subject: what sport is to me, specific the back, you can and should do?

Secondly, asked to work out in physical therapy with a specialist who would pick specific back specific exercises for the daily morning exercises.

Thirdly, would stop once and for all to carry heavy weights: it is better for five times to yield two kilograms, than once to haul all ten.

Fourth, got a good chiropractor and went to him once a year for preventive examination and therapeutic massage.


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And then the back would never hurt.

And with her head. published

Alexander Aleshkevich


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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