GreenZero - eliminates energy vampires

What do environmental GreenZero charger? That's right, they charge mobile gadgets such as cell phones, tablets, iPods, etc., etc But why are they considered green? Because along the way they kill the evil and harmful energy vampires.

Until recently about energy vampires, nothing was known. But with the advent of a variety of electronics people have stopped to turn it off from the network in between use. Even more, the situation worsened with the advent of mobile devices which periodically require charging batteries.

All anything, however, putting the phone on charge, few people monitored the status of the indicator. As a result, when fully charged, the battery charger continues to use energy. It is harmful in all respects.

First, energy is spent in vain. Secondly, the extra charge harm the battery, leading to its early failure. Not enough to pay for the energy you have from the family budget. From the point of view of ecology and energy production is burned energy and emissions of carbon dioxide. And all this for nothing, just for the sake voracious energy vampires.


But with such harmful creatures and fight smart and environment-friendly GreenZero charger. One of them is charging the fungus. Strictly speaking, a mushroom charger GreenZero Mushroom have in common, and it is very remote, only their appearance. The designers decided that the button mushroom is useful and original. In order to emphasize an environmental focus device named, button made the green.

In principle, the usual Mushroom GreenZero charger. But he has one peculiarity. You can enable it by pressing the button. It is no secret that many users just convenient to stick a one-time charge in the network, the benefit of sockets is full, and when you need to connect and disconnect from her phone. And charge let them in the socket sticking out, who and why? Maybe anyone, but even without a connected battery it consumes energy.

Mushroom GreenZero can leave the network without fear. To charging has begun, press the big green button – mushroom cap. But that's not all, when the battery has received enough energy, the charger will turn off and energy consumption stops.


To use the device easier, it the folding power plug and cord for connecting the battery is wound on a spool. In this form GreenZero easy to transport, you can take on a business trip or on vacation.

The idea is simple, but its implementation is of great practical importance. Mushroom GreenZero helps to conserve energy, and thus protects the environment. Merits Mushroom GreenZero in the fight with the vampires already seen. The Bracketron company, the developer of the chargers, last year was a finalist in the annual awards for new technologies (Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards), established by the Association CTIA.


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