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Like most things you have to connect to the wall or any other socket charger mobile phone consumes power, even if it is not used. This shouldn't be shocking, but the fact of wasted energy is undeniable.

According to the developers of new inventions every year battery chargers for phones and tablets is wasted the amount of energy produced is equivalent to 27 000 wind generators or 2 nuclear plants.

Agree, this is a huge amount of energy goes nowhere, when it could be used for other purposes if needed in the future.

The problem is that the charger, which today are supplied with gadgets, do not stop the energy consumption, even when there is no need to charge your phone or tablet.

To solve this problem was invented ASMO Charger.

This small but powerful charger not only provides your gadget with the right amount of power (as with any dedicated charger), but as soon as your smartphone or tablet is fully charged, ASMO Charger stops consuming energy until the moment you need to charge the device.

Charger plugged in not only in vain wasting energy (and therefore your money), good for the environment, but in addition is a risk of fire safety.

It is for this personal tragedy engineer and entrepreneur ASMO Saloranta (Asmo Saloranta) in 2013 invented his charger. Parental home ASMO was completely destroyed by fire, the cause of the fire which was the charging for mobile phone remaining connected to an electrical outlet. After this incident, ASMO began to look as possible to avoid such an incident. After a detailed search among the products available on the market, and not finding anything, the engineer decided to create his safe charger.

The idea of the invention is very simple to incorporate into the charger relay which will automatically disconnect the circuit device at the end of the charging process of the connected gadget. Saloranta has applied for a patent and after receiving it produced the first prototype in March 2014 with the help of the Finnish company Haltian.

A few days ago, ended the campaign to raise funds on the website kickstarter.

To be honest, but unfortunately, the inventor does not have enough thirty thousand dollars (exactly half) to start the project, money which was planned to "Polish the finishing touches on the design of the device, to obtain the necessary certificates for commercial production and begin mass production products."

The inventor did not lose heart and will continue talks with various companies for cooperation and promises to return with a new, higher quality product.

"We still plan to set new standards for the charger and save the planet from energy losses, and home from fires."

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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