Smart tree Treat for food storage

This is an unusual device called the Treat from the Australian designer of Taiwanese origin Amy Mon-Chu Liu (Amy Mon-Chu Liu) is hiding its identity under the guise of a fruit tree. In fact it is not only a lovely decoration for your kitchen, but a pretty entertaining way to store prepared dishes.


This device uses the classic technique of storing food as vacuum insulation, which allows to minimize the impact of the air on the products. In addition, you use this device and modern remote mobile technology to ensure that your food will always be consumed fresh.

This kitchen appliance uses an unusual and intuitive reports that the shelf life of the food ends: containers in the form of apples change color from green to yellow and white in the aging process of food, like ripening fruits, and then fall down on a green carpet simulating grass. This occurs when food is stored too long, and it completely expired.


Access signal the device is also possible using mobile applications to the user's smartphone. It not only helps you to control everything that happens with your products (thanks to the miniature tree that shows all the changes), but also allows you to remotely heat up your food with hot steam.

Smart tree Treat among the ten finalists of the contest "Design Lab" from Electrolux in 2012, and probably all will agree that it is not in vain. Because it not only allows you to save time and more efficiently and effectively plan your day without spending time on cooking and warming food. Thus, the device allows, for example, prepare meals in advance for the whole week, and then just "harvest" in the evenings enjoying the company of family and friends, not cooking. This kitchen gadget is really able to give its owner a real pleasure, as Treat and means "food, pleasure, pleasure".


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